signs you're ready for new hearing aids

New Hearing Aids – 5 Common Signs You’re Ready

You’ve noticed something’s not quite right with your hearing aids. Maybe you’re asking people to repeat themselves more even when you’re wearing them. Or your new phone doesn’t want to connect or stay connected to your devices. Or one function no longer works, but they’re still otherwise good, right?

You’re not alone. As of 2019, almost 33 million adults in the U.S. suffer from hearing loss. That means several million people just like you are using hearing instruments to improve their hearing. That’s a lot of hearing aids just in our sweet, sweet part of the world pie.

Those hearing aids eventually fail. Or the user needs them to function differently or perform better. We completely understand that at Injoy Hearing. Our licensed audiologists help people every day improve their hearing. Schedule a free consultation, and we can talk about what you’re going through.

Read on for five common signs you’re needing new hearing aids.

A Change in Hearing Ability

First and foremost, your hearing aid has to help you hear better. If your hearing ability has altered and it doesn’t seem to be doing what it’s supposed to, this could be one of the signs you’re due for a new pair of hearing aids.

They may be fairly new and have worked brilliantly. Then suddenly, you notice you’re not hearing as well as you did when you first purchased them. If that has happened with your Injoy hearing aidsThe Workhorse, The Choice, or The Security—we’re so sorry you’re experiencing issues.

First, check your setting via our phone app, and see if something has changed. Then, contact us, and one of our certified audiologists will join you on a call or video chat (like when you first got your Injoy hearing aids) to do a diagnostic check of the hearing aids.

If your hearing aids check out as fully functional and in good working order, take our free hearing test and see if there are any changes since the last time you took it. 

If that doesn’t point out any issues, it may be time to see your primary medical care provider about your hearing loss. There could be an underlying health issue causing it that needs to be addressed.

Should your Injoy hearing aids be the issue, your 3-year warranty will get them fixed asap and back to you for improved hearing! If they’re older hearing aids or not Injoy hearing aids, we can replace them for you for as little as $52 a month (The Workhorse tier of premium hearing aids). 

And if it’s a medical issue, our licensed audiologists can help you adapt settings to your situation for the best possible resolution.

Learn more about replacing my hearing aid.

Unexpected Medicinal Impacts

Not only can sickness or injury cause hearing loss or degradation, but certain medications can also change your ability to hear clearly. According to the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), over 600 drugs have been linked to hearing loss

For example, AARP states that some common painkillers, like Tylenol, Advil, aspirin, and others, can contribute to tinnitus and hearing loss, more so if you use them two or more days a week.

These ototoxic medications can damage your ear and/or nerves associated with hearing. The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association says the usual first sign that your medicine is doing something to your hearing is when you notice a new ringing in your ears. This tinnitus could be a sign of ototoxicity, and you should contact your medical provider asap.

Sometimes, there’s no getting around the medication. Don’t worry, Injoy is there with you. Contact us, and our licensed audiologists will remotely make the necessary adjustments to your hearing aids to help you enjoy the sounds of life to the fullest. Also, The Choice and The Security tiers of Injoy hearing aids have specific software, Tinnitus Balance, to improve your hearing experience. 

If your current hearing aids can’t be adjusted, or the company you purchased them from doesn’t provide personalized help, that could be one of the signs you’re ready for a new set of hearing aids.

Adult couple pleased with their decision to get new hearing aids

Technological Advancements Beyond Their Capability

The world constantly brings us new ways to connect with others and enjoy music, movies, and more. You deserve to be able to join in the conversations, the laughter, and the fun.

If your hearing aids can’t connect to Bluetooth audio streaming sources or don’t supply two-way Bluetooth smartphone capability, that’s probably one of the signs you’re ready for new hearing aids. 

Feel guilty about getting cutting-edge technology in your new Injoy hearing aids while your old ones still function well? Donate them! For example, the Hearing Aid Project accepts no longer needed hearing aids that are still in good working order and gives them to those in need. They’ll even email you an itemized letter of acknowledgment so you can write them off on your taxes. 

But you won’t want to write off that good feeling about helping others!

Your Hearing Aids Are Broken

It happens. You forgot to take out your non-waterproof hearing instruments before jumping in the shower…or in the pool with your grandkids. 

Maybe you put them in a pocket, and there they stayed all the way through the washer and the dryer. 

Could be they just plain worn out.

If your hearing aids don’t work anymore for those reasons or any others, that’s a no-brainer sign you’re ready for new devices.

What does take brains is finding reasonably priced hearing aids to replace them. Yeah, this is us waving our hands madly in the air. Injoy hearing aids are 1/2 the price of brick-and-mortar stores! Plus, we have our real free trial period.

Basically, you can order any of our 3 hearing aid models without paying a dime. You’ll get thirty days to try before you buy. If you’re not entirely satisfied, send them back to us within the trial period, and that’s that. You don’t have to wait for a refund because we didn’t charge your card for them.
And if you do love them and want to keep them, you’re getting a great price with years of excellent service included. 

Alterations in Lifestyle

Life is a series of constant changes. Sure, we can develop routines and get used to things going a certain way, but there’s always something new or different coming around the corner.

  • You got a new job that’s in a louder environment.
  • You’ve signed up for water exercise classes for the first time.
  • Remember going to concerts? Now you’re back at it!
  • You got that hot rod you always wanted, with that big, loud engine.
  • Your kids moved away, and now you do a lot of visiting over your smartphone.
  • What—you won season tickets for the football team? Hello, stadium!
  • And more and more.

Lifestyle changes can also change how you use your hearing aids. If your current pair can’t be adjusted to fit your new listening environments, or they’re not waterproof to handle the splashing during that aqua-yoga workout, that may be one of the strong signs they’re ready to be replaced.

You shouldn’t have to fit how you live around your hearing devices. At Injoy, we believe they should support how you want to live!


You Know the Reasons, Now Know the Solutions

Now that you understand the five most common signs you need new hearing aids, start the process for getting new, just-right-for-you Injoy hearing aids.

  1. Take our free hearing test online. Discover whether or not you have hearing loss. 
  2. Schedule a consultation. Together we can find the right model for your needs. 
  3. Place your order. It’s super-easy.
  4. Zoom! Your hearing aids arrive in only 2 to 3 days. 
  5. Set them up with face-to-face assistance via our phone app
  6. Injoy better hearing wherever you go, whatever you do.

We Listen, So You Can Hear Better

Injoy creates custom hearing aid technology based on the unique needs of our patients. We listen, we care, and we follow through.

Our online hearing specialists have helped people across the country find hearing solutions for decades. We would be honored to have the opportunity to prove our value to you. Contact us today, and let’s talk about you.

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