Our Warranty

Warranty Period

Injoy offers you a limited warranty valid starting from the date of delivery of purchase. Injoy provides 3 years of repair and loss and damage coverage for all hearing aid purchases. Injoy provides 1 year of repair and 1 year of loss and damage for any other accessories or chargers.

Out of Warranty Repair

For up to 5 years after purchase, Injoy will accept repairs and services of any Injoy hearing aid. Injoy will provide customer price of repair and service provided for approval of charges, unless customer pre-approves charges.

Warranty Fees

Any hearing aid or accessory that is under warranty for loss and damage, can be replaced with similar product with a per unit deductible of $295. Hearing aids and any accessory may be replaced only once under this program. They cannot be returned for credit.

All replacement products will continue to use the original date of warranty on the original product. You will be required to return the damaged product prior to receiving a replacement.