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We love talking to you over the phone and through email. But we also know that both of those aren’t everyone’s thing. So, we figured we could save you a little time by making this page of our most frequently asked questions. Truly, it was a labor of love.

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Credit Cards
Apple Pay
Google Pay
What Credit Cards Does Injoy Hearing Accept?
What Is The APR Range For Financing Options?
Are There Down Payments Required For Financing?
How Do I Apply For Financing With Injoy Hearing?
Is There A Possibility Of No Interest Financing For Hearing Aids?
Can I Customize My Financing Plan Based On My Budget?
What Is The Role Of Comenity Capital Bank In Financing With Injoy Hearing?
How do The Choice hearing aids adjust to different listening environments?
Can I control The Choice hearing aids through a smartphone app?
Can I customize the settings of The Choice hearing aids to match my hearing preferences?
What are The Workhorse hearing aids?
Are The Workhorse hearing aids suitable for my type of hearing loss?
Are The Workhorse hearing aids comfortable to wear for extended periods?
Can I have remote adjustments and telecare visits for The Workhorse hearing aids?
What is the warranty and protection for The Workhorse hearing aids?
Why should I get a hearing aid?
How do I know if I need a hearing aid?
Can I control The Security hearing aids with my smartphone?
How does hearing loss happen?
Do The Security hearing aids offer water resistance?
How long do hearing aids last?
How many devices can I connect to The Security hearing aids simultaneously?
What happens if I don’t like my hearing aids?
What’s your return policy?
Should I see a doctor for my hearing loss?
1. Adaptive Phonak Digital 2.0
How much do hearing aids cost?
Will I need to get two hearing aids?
2. Auto Sense OS 5.0
3. Phonak SmartSpeech Technology
4. SoundRecover2
5. myPhonak App
Can I Swim With Water-Resistant Hearing Aids?
6. Tap Control
How Often Should I Clean My Water-Resistant Hearing Aids?
7. Universal Connectivity
Can I Wear Water-Resistant Hearing Aids In Extremely Hot Or Cold Climates?
What Is The Warranty On Injoy Hearing's Water-Resistant Hearing Aids?
1. SpeechSensor
Can I Adjust The Volume And Settings On My Water-Resistant Hearing Aids?
How Do I Protect My Water-Resistant Hearing Aids During Heavy Rain?
2. Speech Enhancer
3. StereoZoom 2.0
4. Dynamic Noise Cancellation
5. Motion Sensor Hearing
6. UltraZoom
7. Roger Technology
8. ActiveVent Performance+*
How do I return my hearing aids if I am not satisfied?

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