Hearing Aids Near Me

How to Shop for a Hearing Aid

Who in the heck are we to tell you how to shop? If you’re still reading and want our thoughts on points to consider in shopping for hearing aids, see below.

What Makes Injoy Worth It?

Quality Product.

Hearing aids, even at the reduced prices in our store, are a big ticket item for most people. Do business with a company you like and people you trust. We believe Injoy products and the Injoy process give you the best opportunity for success.  We’ll knock ourselves out to ensure you’re satisfied with Injoy. If you’re not happy, we’ll give your money back.

Do you need 1 aid or 2?

Nearly everyone loses hearing in both ears and will hear better with 2 aids. This is why Injoy and most of our virtual care competitors only sell hearing aids in pairs.

Technology matters.

We believe ours is better. See compare us. Give us a shot!

Hearing test.

We believe our in-situ hearing test technology and process is better than other virtual care competitors.  Put us to the test and experience the difference!

Support matters.

We’re pretty sure most of our competitors provide decent support. Our service is best-in-class. We consider ourselves the créme-de-la-créme of the virtual hearing care companies. We’ll provide great support and try like heck to have some fun in the process.

Financially solid company built to last.

We’re new in this virtual care space, but our founders are industry veterans, we’re well funded and our business model is built to last. Spending money on hearing aids, which is a big ticket item for most people, with a virtual care company may be unsettling for some. Read about us. Get to know us. Have some fun.  We’ll be there for you when you need us.

If you found a little humor in our shopping tips, we’re probably the best fit for you.  So if it made you smile or giggle, then let’s get started.