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Phonak hearing aids in their silver recharging case.

Your hearing aids work great! Until they don’t.

You can’t hear your grandkid telling you all about the wonderful world of frogs.

You can only hear your favorite show in one ear now.

Your hearing aids work, but you really wish the “Old Dependables” worked better to help you understand and enjoy restaurant chit-chat.

Sounds like it may be time to replace your hearing aids with new ones. From form and function to the fact that it may not be working like it used to, there will come a time when a new hearing aid goes from a thought to a necessity.

At Injoy, we’re dedicated to making sure you have the right hearing aid for your life. We’re also big fans of the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality, because quality hearing aids aren’t the cheapest thing you’ll ever buy. One of the most useful and necessary, sure. But even with our 3 tiers of better hearing coming in at half the price of brick and mortar, it’s still an investment.

So when you’re thinking about replacing your hearing aid, think through the why’s and wherefore’s we’ve listed below, and make a smart, reasoned decision.

It’s your life. It’s your hearing. You should Injoy it!


Every year the hearing aid industry comes up with new advancements that make hearing aids connect more easily, perform better, and provide increased convenience.

Better Batteries

For example, all three tiers of Injoy hearing aids – The Workhorse, The Choice, and The Security, come with rechargeable batteries. Their recharging cases are:

  • Easy to pack for trips
  • Small so they don’t take up space
  • Conveniently  plugs into the wall or usb outlet.

There was a time that having rechargeable batteries for your hearing aids wasn’t an expectation, it was an extra. However, with improvements in manufacturing and advancements in technology, we were finally able to include this feature in every hearing aid we sell. No more fumbling with tiny batteries, no more having to keep a stockpile of those batteries with you just in case the ones in your hearing aids decide to die while you’re away from home.

Plus, consider this, every time a hearing aid battery needs changing, that’s one more environmentally toxic battery that will sit in a landfill for over 100 years. Wearing rechargeable hearing aids is a small step that makes a positive impact on our planet.

Learn five common signs you need new hearing aids.

Modern Functionality

If you’re replacing your hearing aid because the new ones connect better to your modern devices, you’re not alone. We’ve had many customers purchase our Injoy hearing aids to replace theirs, even when their old hearing aids were working just fine.

Those customers realized that the truly hands-free Bluetooth connectivity our hearing aids offer is amazing. Older hearing aids might have worked fine without it, but you’ll be impressed when you can connect your hearing aids directly to your Bluetooth-enabled devices–like cell phones–and listen or talk directly through your hearing aids. Talk about hands-free living!

As computer chips grew smaller and their power grew bigger, advancements allowed for other options, including:

  • AutoSense 4.0/5.0. AI programming that learns your situations and adapts your settings for the best hearing experience.
  • Sound Recover 2. Works in the background to constantly improve your hearing.
  • Tinnitus Balance. This feature doesn’t cure tinnitus, but it definitely helps with the ringing.
  • Speech in Noise. Using omnidirectional mics, this program helps you hear better in even the noisiest environments.
  • QuickSync Control. Smartphone app software that helps you make adjustments to both hearing aids at the same time.
  • WhistleBlock. No big, embarrassing feedback whistle even when you “crank them up.”
  • Smartphone compatible app. Change your hearing aid programming on a whim to match your environment—from the hush of a library to the roar of a stadium.

Increase Ergonomics

Replacing your hearing aid for better comfort is nothing new. In the olden days…

An old man using an ear horn, an early hearing aid.

Can you imagine that? We’ve come a long way, Festus.

Now you can choose from several useful, comfortable hearing aid styles:

  • Receiver-in-the-canal (RIC)
  • In-the-ear (ITE)
  • In-the-canal (ITC)

At Injoy, we offer RIC-style hearing aids. These hearing aids have a very small set part that rests behind the ear. That’s where all the tech is, including multiple microphones for state-of-the-art audio pickup and clarity. The audio is fed through a discreet, almost-invisible tube to the receiver in your ear canal.

That receiver doesn’t block off the ear canal. Hearing aids that totally fill your ear canal can cause what’s called the “Occlusion Effect.” With your ears effectively blocked shut, your voice can sound boomy in your head or hollow—because ITC hearing aids can re-feed your own voice back into your ears.

Even chewing food can sound weird and unpleasant. Stick your fingers in your ears and start chewing potato chips. Yeah, not good.

Our RIC hearing aids don’t do that. They comfortably sit in the front of the ear canal because we send you multiple domes you can try out to find the best fit.

When we went over all the hearing aid styles before offering our product, it boiled down to the fact that RIC gives you the most hearing aid bang for your buck. The style is comfortable, works fantastic, is practically invisible, and can even come in a waterproof version.

You may not get to look like a Victrola record player like great-great-great-great-grandpa did, but we don’t see that as a downside.

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It happens. Hearing aids wear out. Even our Injoy hearing aids have a 3-year warranty. We’ll also accept your hearing aids for repair for up to 5 years after your purchase. Aaaaand, because you’re reading this, in a moment, we’ll share a little tip (or is that trick?) you can do to extend your Injoy hearing aid lifespan.

Eventually, though, that hearing aid is going not to work as well as it did when you bought it. There are four different reasons for this to happen.

Lack of Care

Your hearing investment does require some home maintenance to stay in optimal working order. You should regularly—and depending on how your lifestyle and ear environment, maybe daily—clean your hearing aids.

Cleaning your Injoy hearing aid takes only a little time and gives you a lot more performance and lifespan. Using the supplied cleaning kit, make sure to:

  • Gently brush the mic ports to make sure they’re clear
  • Brush the buttons to help remove dust and debris
  • Use a cotton swab with just a little rubbing alcohol on it and clean the dome
  • Replace the wax trap under the dome.
  • Use a soft tissue like Kleenex and wipe down the whole hearing aid.


When Ear Wax Attacks

Ear wax is a good thing—for your body. In order to clean the outer ear canal, Ceruminous glands in your ear canal secrete fats and other substances to help keep your outer ear canal clean.

These secretions serve several purposes:

  • They keep ear canal skin soft.
  • They help catch dirt/dust before it gets to the eardrum.
  • They provide a protective acidic layer that’s hostile to bacteria and fungi.

Who knew that gunk was healthy? However, it’s also terrible for hearing aids.

This is another reason why we don’t offer ITC hearing aids. You can find hearing aids that completely fit into your ear canal with little anything showing. They’re custom-manufactured, expensive, and can’t hold the technology that our RIC hearing aids do.

Worst of all: ITC hearing aids are extremely susceptible to the caustic, wet environment in your ear. This type of hearing aid blocks the ear canal, locking in acidic earwax, which goes to work on the ITC components. Then there’s the naturally humid environment also working to break down the electronics and the microphones.

Because of salty sweat, acidic earwax, and moisture intrusion, you’ll likely find yourself replacing an ITC hearing aid more often than other types of hearing aids.

Technology Shifts

Your hearing aids from 10 years ago might not work well with your other new communication and entertainment tech. Changes in standards for Bluetooth technology and upgrades in software and computer chips can leave your old, still-working hearing aids somewhere in the same category as your Galaxy Tab 1, iMac G3, or your Creative Zen MP3 player.

Sure, they still “work.” But do they work for what you need today?

We’re not so tech-savvy that we frown on using what still works. If your old hearing aids help you hear as best as possible, let’s get real. That’s what they’re there for. But let’s also be real about today’s connectivity. Your phone is also a television, stereo, hi-tech camera, computer, web browser, email/text messenger, and occasionally a thing you have a spoken conversation on.

Modern hearing aids do so much more than their predecessors. If you want to connect to the modern world in the best, easiest way possible, you might think about replacing your “Old Faithfuls” with new faithfuls that just might amaze you.

Your Hearing Has Changed

If the thought “Should I be replacing my hearing aid?” has crossed your mind, it might not be your hearing aids. It might be your hearing.

Many factors can detrimentally affect your hearing, including:

  • Certain medications
  • Accident exposure to extreme noise
  • Intense worksite/jobsite noise levels
  • Loud hobbies/pastimes
  • Illness/physical trauma
  • Natural effects of aging

These could be continuous situations, or recent occurrences, that can gradually or suddenly change your ability to hear. Your current hearing aids may not be designed to help with more significant hearing loss or don’t have the technical capabilities to adjust to your new hearing needs.

Take our hearing loss questionnaire to check your hearing today. 

Lifestyle Impacts

You may really put your hearing aids to the test. Not just the settings but physically. Even when you have our waterproof tier of Injoy Hearing Aids—The Security—you still might give them some serious use!

  • You sweat heavily for long periods (athletes, hard labor)
  • Lots of removals/putting back on each day (models, people in windy vocations)
  • The hearing aids are exposed to lots of dust and debris (construction, landscaping)
  • Exposure to extremes of heat and cold each day (frozen food factories, steelworkers)
  • The hearing aids receive rough handling consistently (accident-prone people, rock stars)

Because modern hearing aids provide excellent technical advantages, they also have a certain level of sensitivity. If you think your lifestyle/job/hobby/dexterity might be an issue, contact us! One of our licensed audiologists can help you pick the best hearing aids for how you like to live.


All right, you’ve read this far, so we want to thank you by sharing this little tip/trick. It’s part of our customer service, which is the best in the biz. Since day one, our mission has been centered around providing you with the best possible patient care, so you can get back to enjoying life.

When you purchase Injoy hearing aids, no matter the tier—you get a powerful 3-year warranty on your devices. So, right before your hearing aids go out of warranty, send them back to us for a factory refurb. Did we just hear your eyebrows raise??

Ask your Injoy hearing specialist about it. Right before your Injoy hearing aids go out of warranty, send them back and let us do a refurbishment on them to make sure they’re 100% working up to snuff. Then, when your warranty runs out, you’ll have practically new hearing aids that will continue keeping your hearing the best it can be.

It’s not about sales. It’s about your hearing. We’re right there with you for every laugh, song, TV show, phone conversation, or just quiet evening on the porch listening to the crickets along the way.


When you’re thinking, “I should be replacing my hearing aid,” think about doing it affordably at Injoy!

Our hearing aids are already 1/2 the price of brick-and-mortar stores. But to make replacing your old hearing aids even more comfortable for your ears and your budget, we offer financing options for qualified customers.

Replacing your hearing aids can happen for rates as low as $52 a month. And yes, that’s not replacing just one hearing aid. We’ve seen how some other online hearing aid retailers offer “low pricing”, but in the fine print, you find out it’s only for one hearing aid. To get both, double their price!

At Injoy, you can get both your prescription hearing aids replaced for as low as $52 a month for qualified buyers. This special offer is for “The Workhorse” tier of hearing aids.

Injoy’s “Workhorse” Tier Features

That $52 a month delivers all of this and more:

  • 3-Year Warranty
  • 3 Years of Telehearing Care Services
  • 3 Years of Loss & Damage Coverage
  • 2-Way Bluetooth
  • In-Stereo Audio
  • Whistle Block
  • Easy Control Phone App
  • Hearing in Noise 4.0
  • Rechargeable Battery & Charging Case

Financing is available too, regardless of tier level, through a payment company called Bread Pay®. We chose this company because it offers eligible Injoy customers payment plans that meet their lifestyles and financial needs.

For example, through Bread Pay, you can pay off your order in 12 months for as low as 0% APR*. You can also do 24 or 36 months at competitive rates.

Participation in Bread Pay is subject to the approval of your credit application, which you fill out online. Bread PayTM plans are loans made by Comenity Capital Bank.


If you’re still unsure, see how good it can be without losing a dime with our real risk-free trial period.

It’s simple. Order the Injoy hearing aid tier that matches your lifestyle. In 2 to 3 days they’ll arrive at your door.

Take 30 days to use them in every way and situation possible. Enjoy that concert. Talk through them on your smartphone. Watch TV without someone coming in to yell, “turn that down!” Who knew your life could be this good again?

During the 30-day trial,we’ll stay in contact to help with adjustments and let you ask any questions you might have. At the end of the risk-free trial period, if you’re not wholly satisfied, return your Injoy hearing aids. And that’s that.


Start the process of replacing your tired hearing aids with new, feature-packed Injoy hearing aids.

Let’s Talk About Your Hearing

Injoy creates custom-programmed hearing aids based on the unique needs of our clients.

Our team is the best in the business, having helped people across the country find hearing solutions for several years. Improve your hearing and improve your life today by contacting Injoy!

Listen. Hear. Live! Injoy.

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