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The Truth About Invisible Hearing Aids

grown man at a picnic table smiling showing his almost invisible hearing aids from Injoy

No one wants their hearing aids to be obvious. The question is: are the hearing aids that are hardest to see the best choice for you?

To answer it, you need to know the truth about invisible hearing aids. In this blog, the licensed audiologists at Injoy Hearing explain the how’s and why’s of invisible in the canal (IIC) hearing aids vs discreet over the ear (OTE) hearing aids.

The Difference Between IIC & OTE Hearing Aids

You might think it’s obvious: one goes into the ear canal, the other goes behind the ear. Tada, done, I win a prize, right?

Unfortunately, the differences which aren’t obvious become so once you take a closer look at the capabilities and functionality of invisible hearing aids and discreet hearing aids.

In the Canal (IIC) Hearing Aids

We should note that IIC and ITE hearing aids are not the same. ITE hearing aids sit in the ear, and are therefore more visible than IIC hearing aids. Because they’re not practically invisible, we don’t include them in the IIC range.   

The Invisible Issues With IIC Hearing Aids

In the canal hearing aids are the least visible hearing aids available. They have no external wires or tubes showing. The only thing you see clearly when looking closely is an extremely small handle used to insert and remove the hearing aid (yeah, it’s that small!).

When you place an IIC hearing aid into your ear canal, it basically seals it. All sounds—including your own voice—are acted on by the aid before being delivered to your eardrum.

Because everyone’s ear canal is different, IIC hearing aids are custom made for an exact, tight fit. 

mature man holding fingers to his ear side view pain from invisible hearing aids

Why IIC Might Not Be Your Best Choice

The foremost pro for IIC (Invisible-In-Canal) hearing aids is their invisible nature. Indeed, you have to look pretty hard to see them, earning them top marks as the best invisible hearing aids for those prioritizing discreetness. However, when considering invisible hearing aids prices, including iic hearing aid prices and invisible hearing aid prices, it’s important to weigh the functionality issues that might detract from the positive quality of their invisibility.

Size Is Everything

IIC hearing aids are small. REALLY small. This can lead to challenges for wearers, particularly those wearing hearing aids who might have dexterity issues, from handling the devices to using the tiny handle for inserting and removing them. Plus, the compact size means no easily accessible external controls on the hearing aid itself, influencing the overall invisible hearing aids cost and usability.

Tiny Batteries

Due to the petite size of IIC hearing aids, they typically come with replaceable batteries. The need for rechargeable batteries, which require ports and wiring that don’t fit in an IIC hearing aid, highlights a significant consideration in invisible hearing aids price. Changing these tiny batteries can be a challenge for those with less steady hands or sight problems.

Hearing Aid Feedback

Because IIC hearing aids have limited space, the proximity of the microphone for collecting sound to the “speaker” for delivering audio can lead to feedback issues. This is crucial when evaluating invisible hearing aids work and their effectiveness in daily use.

Weaker Bluetooth Capability

The small size also means compromised Bluetooth capability—a notable consideration when exploring how invisible hearing aids work and their technological adaptability. Some models may require additional devices for Bluetooth connectivity, adding to the invisible hearing aids cost.


While in the ear hearing aids can deliver excellent sound, their functionality can be impaired by several factors:


Residing in the ear canal means IIC hearing aids are exposed to natural earwax production. This necessitates regular cleaning to prevent earwax from impacting the device’s function and the wearer’s ability to hear clearly, a critical aspect when considering the best invisible hearing aids.

Hostile Environment

The internal conditions of the ear canal—heat, moisture, and earwax, compounded by perspiration—create a challenging environment for IIC devices. This highlights the importance of understanding the invisible hearing aids cost in relation to maintenance and care for long-term satisfaction.

Occlusion Effect

This is an issue with how IIC hearing aids seal the ear canal. When they do this, they create a chamber, a cavity, between your hearing aid and your eardrum. 

This tight enclosed space increases the loudness sounds like your voice, and in low-frequency noise generated by things you do- chewing, swallowing, even walking.

Mature couple using mobile phone while riding on bikes in park with almost invisible hearing aids

OTE Hearing Aids: Your (Almost) Invisible Hearing Aids

At Injoy, we only sell over the ear hearing aids. This is a conscious choice. 

We believe that OTE hearing aids provide the maximum benefit to hearing aid users. They aren’t invisible, no, but they are discreet, comfortable, and extremely versatile. While invisible hearing aids work, OTE hearing aids have more functionality. 

OTE hearing aids consist of a small base unit of controls and tech which sits very comfortably and discreetly behind the ear. A tiny tube—almost like a wire—loops over the ear, and leads down to a receiver (speaker) that rests in the ear or in the ear canal (your choice).

OTE Capabilities

These hearing aids can do so much more than IIC devices due to the freedom from size constraints. As a matter of fact, OTE devices are small, comfortable, and powerful.

Open Fit

The open fit of the OTE receiver amplifies the sounds you need, but also lets natural audio fill in the background sound so that you don’t have an isolated listening experience. 

The OTE receiver also allows the ear canal to breathe, so that there’s less moisture build up, and less opportunity for infections to grow. It’s less prone to wax clogs and build up like IIC devices. 

Wearing these hearing aids, the technology sits completely outside of the ear canal environment. They’re not invisible, but because you can choose their color, they can be very discreet.

Rechargeable Batteries

No more fiddling with tiny batteries, or worrying if you have enough in your drawer or if you brought extras on your trip.

When you take your Injoy hearing aids off at night, you put them in their holder, they recharge as you sleep, and the next day you’re back in action!


You’re going to love this. Injoy Hearing Aids come bluetooth compatible right out of the box. Their two-way bluetooth ability works with most Apple IOS and Android devices. You can listen to:

  • Music
  • Podcasts
  • Audiobooks
  • Phone calls

And because they’re two way, you’re not just hearing the phone call in your OTE hearing aids, you’re talking, too. That’s right—clear, hands-free conversations using your hearing aids!

Programmable from Your Phone

Your Injoy hearing aids can be adjusted by you through your Injoy app. Plus, you can call us, and one of our team of licensed audiologists can do the adjustments for you, live as you talk.

Multiple Microphones

Because the body of the Injoy hearing aids sits outside the ear, it has multiple microphones pointing forward and behind. These can be adjusted through the Injoy app to create custom settings for specific hearing environments. 


OTE receivers are more flexible and less intrusive than IIC hearing aids. With the IIC model, you have a hard, molded piece of resin in your ear- and you notice it. 

Sometimes they migrate out of the ear too, and you have to push them in further. That can stretch the ear canal walls and irritate them, causing inflammation and discomfort. 

There are more pluses to the OTE style of practically invisible hearing aids, but then we’d just be bragging. 

It’s Your Choice

Only you can decide which priorities are most important. You can have a functional hearing aid that’s practically invisible, or you can have an amazing hearing aid that’s extremely discreet.

We know that everyone wants an “invisible” hearing aid. But it’s been our professional experience—spanning 20+ years—that 85% to 95% of IIC device users eventually move to OTE hearing aids because of sound quality and functionality.

We have a suggestion: don’t choose until you’ve tried them both. It’s easy, with the Injoy Real Risk-Free Trial.

Injoy’s Real Risk-Free Trial

We truly believe you’ll love our hearing aids. That’s why we offer a real risk-free guarantee.

Why do we call it “real?” Because you’ll find several “risk-free” trial offers on the web. Ours is the only one where your credit card doesn’t get charged. We don’t make you wait weeks to receive a refund. Instead, we don’t accept your money unless you love the hearing aids. How weird is that, huh? #DisruptingTheStatusQuo

So, if you want to try out those IIC hearing aids, go ahead. They’ll charge you for them up front. And keep in mind there are other service charges they may not refund—such as fitment, shipping, restocking, programming/adjustment fees, etc. 

While you’re at it, order your Injoy hearing aids. They’ll arrive in 2 to 3 days, after which one of our licensed audiologists will help you with settings, walk you through the features, and make sure you’re set for success.

Then, compare them to what the IIC devices can do. Hook up that phone call and talk through your hearing aids. Use them in a loud environment—a concert, a sports event, your grandkid’s birthday party. Run your bluetooth enabled TV’s audio through them.

You’ve got 30 days to try them out. If you don’t think they’re the best, send them back to us and that’s it. No outlay of money upfront, no sneaky service charges, no waiting on a refund before you purchase other hearing aids. We trust you.

How’s that for crazy-cool?

3 Tiers of Nearly Invisible Hearing Aids

Just because we only provide OTE devices for hearing aids, it doesn’t mean you don’t have choices!

Injoy offers 3 tiers of functionality, each designed to fit both budgetary and functionality needs. Each tier builds upon the previous one, delivering additional features and abilities. 

What’s nice is, even the base tier delivers amazing advancements in hearing aid tech. Every choice is a good choice! The hardest part is picking your bells and whistles to match your lifestyle, and our licensed audiologists can help you figure out which tier will bring you the most satisfaction.

Let’s look at some of the features and their benefits.

Tier 1: The Workhorse

Our value-priced tier 1 Injoy hearing aids are packed with features, including.

  • Hands-free calling in stereo. This is the most popular feature desired by our customers.
  • Smartphone compatible app. You can adjust the listening mode to match your activities/environment whenever you need to.
  • Tinnitus Balance. This feature helps with that annoying ringing.
  • AutoSense 4.0. Artificial Intelligence that monitors the environment and helps you get the best hearing experience.
  • Speech in Noise. Our multiple mics and programs help you hear better in even the busiest, chattiest situations.
  • WhistleBlock. No embarrassing feedback whines when you “crank them up.” 
  • Rechargeable. No more fiddling with and losing those tiny batteries! 
  • Adjustable at home. One of our licensed audiologists can remote into your hearing aid through the app, and help you make adjustments for better hearing.
  • And more!

Tier 2: The Choice

“The Choice” tier 2 adds even more features and benefits:

  • Adaptive Digital 2.0. Advanced computer chip technology to handle the extra features.
  • Ultra Zoom. Increased ability to focus on the sound of conversations directly in front of you.
  • WindBlock. This feature greatly lowers or removes wind noise.
  • Precise Speech Detection from Any Direction. Advanced performance and focus. 
  • And more!

Tier 3: The Security

“The Security” tier 3 Injoy Best hearing aids combine all the features and benefits of tier 1 and tier 2, and then add 

  • Waterproof. Up to .5 meters! You won’t be able to go scuba diving (no hearing aid can do that!), but you can feel confident playing with your kids and grandkids where water is splashed.
  • Sweatproof. Perspiration can eat into the technology of a hearing aid. When your lifestyle means generating lots of sweat—athletes, highly physical work environments, doing taxes in April (kidding/not kidding)–“The Security”  stands up to powerful perspiration.

Contact us about the additional features for each tier! We’ll be happy to understand your hearing situation, and see if Injoy hearing aids are the right choice.

Injoy’s Warranty

Our nearly invisible hearing aids come with a three year loss and damage warranty, because we understand real-world use of our hearing devices.

Accidents happen. Just like with glasses or any other health-enhancing appliance, we sometimes forget them! Maybe you went to a convention, and accidently left them in the hotel. Or you set them down at the pool to go swimming, and forgot where you put them. Maybe you lost one while changing your sweater.

The point is, life happens. Injoy’s 3 year loss and damage warranty allows you to replace your unit(s) and get back to better hearing.

Back of man's head as he's talking to his wife in the kitchen showing his almost invisible hearing aids from Injoy

Financing Your Nearly Invisible Hearing Aid Purchase

Injoy uses Bread Pay® to offer eligible clients payment plans to suit your budget. 

If you quality, you could pay off your hearing investment in as little as 12 months—for as low as 0% APR*. We also offer 24 or 36 month payment plans at competitive rates.

Participation in Bread Pay is subject to approval of your credit application, which you fill out online. Check out the details on our website, and call us with any questions.

As part of our special financing programs, we could even get you set up with our Workhorse tier hearing aids for just $49 dollars a month.

We’ll let that sink in for a moment…

$49 Hearing Aids? Yes, $49 Hearing Aids!

It’s true. With Injoy, qualified buyers can get prescription hearing aids delivered to their door for just $49 a month. 

All of our hearing aids build on the strength and performance of The Workhorse tier of features and services. The features in our most cost-effective model are the types of benefits that some hearing aid companies only include in their higher-dollar versions—or charge extra for. 

Our $49 a month nearly invisible hearing aids include:

  • 3 Year Warranty. No worries—you’re covered, period.
  • 3 Year Professional Service. We’re with you, providing assistance when you need it.
  • 2-Way Bluetooth. Take that phone call right in your hearing aids! 
  • Stereo Audio. Tasty entertainment deserves top quality.
  • Whistle Block. Turn up the volume without the feedback whistle, ever.
  • Easy Control Phone App. Change settings easily over your smartphone.
  • Hearing in Noise 4.0. Focus on the conversation you want, not the ones in the background. 
  • Rechargeable. No batteries to change, ever. Just charge your Injoy hearing aids while you sleep and then hit the ground running!

Yup, all of that for just $49 a month for the pair! 

Take One of Our Hearing Quizzes

None of this means a thing unless you know you have hearing loss. Injoy offers several avenues to understand if what you’re experiencing can be addressed by hearing aids.

You can consult with one of our licensed audiologists by phone and online. You can also go DIY with it using our free online hearing test (have headphones ready!), or by taking our hearing loss questionnaire

Keep in mind: if you have experienced sudden loss of hearing, particularly in one ear—you should contact your primary care physician immediately. Don’t wait! The sooner you react to sudden hearing loss, the better chance you have at regaining your hearing.

Injoy Hearing Believes in Better Hearing

If in the canal or in the ear hearing aids check off the most boxes on your hearing aid priority list, by all means—do it! Better hearing leads to better connection with your life.

But we would love the opportunity to prove to you, risk-free, that Injoy hearing aids will provide you the most satisfaction in function, benefits, service, and hearing. Whether you choose The Workhorse, The Choice, or The Security tier, we’ll make sure you’re 100% satisfied.

You have nothing to lose, and a lifetime of sound to gain. Let’s do this. 

We Hear You

Check out our selection today. We can have your new hearing aids at your door in 2 to 3 days. From then on, it’s clearer conversations, less muffled music, and less need to keep saying “what?” when someone speaks.

Connect with Injoy and reconnect with the sounds you’ve been missing. Listen. Hear. Live! Injoy.