Audiology Innovations: The Rise of Hearing Aids for Active Lifestyles

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We are diving into the latest advancements in hearing aid technology, focusing on hearing aids for active lifestyles. These innovative devices combine durability and high performance, ensuring uninterrupted hearing aid function during intense activities.

Designing for Movement: Hearing Aids for Active Lifestyles

Hearing aids have evolved to support active lifestyles in numerous ways, becoming essential tools for those who are always on the move. Here’s how they cater to dynamic activities:

Directional Microphones

These microphones focus on sounds directly in front of the user, significantly reducing background noise. This feature is particularly beneficial in noisy environments like gyms or sports events, ensuring clarity of sound where it matters most.

Wind Noise Reduction

Wind noise can be a major distraction for outdoor enthusiasts. Modern hearing aids have features that minimize wind interference, providing a clearer auditory experience during outdoor activities like running, cycling, or hiking.

Moisture Resistance

Activities that induce sweating or expose the user to water no longer pose a risk to hearing aids. Nanotechnology coatings make these devices resistant to moisture, dirt, and earwax, ensuring durability and longevity even in demanding conditions.

Bluetooth Connectivity

The integration of Bluetooth allows users to connect their hearing aids to smartphones and other devices. This facilitates effortless streaming of music, phone calls, and navigation apps directly to the hearing aid, enhancing the experience of various activities.

Rechargeable Batteries

The shift to rechargeable batteries in hearing aids offers convenience and cost-efficiency, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Beyond these features, hearing aids enhance active lifestyles by:

  • Improving Communication: Better hearing and understanding of speech when interacting with others.
  • Reducing Social Isolation: Active participation in social activities like sports and fitness classes becomes easier.
  • Enhancing Safety: Increased awareness of surroundings and potential hazards, such as traffic sounds, is crucial in public spaces.

Moreover, these devices can store settings for different environments, automatically adjusting to preferred settings for outdoor or noisy environments. Whether for work, exercise, or moving through crowded areas, modern hearing aids adapt to maximize hearing efficiency in any setting. In essence, hearing aids have become indispensable companions for those leading active, vibrant lives.

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Sweat-Resistant Hearing Aids Are Waterproof Hearing Aids

Sweat-resistant and waterproof hearing aids represent a significant advancement in hearing technology, catering to active lifestyles and varied environments. Unlike traditional hearing aids that are susceptible to damage from sweat, waterproof models offer the freedom to engage in activities like workouts and swimming without compromising hearing clarity.

How Waterproof Hearing Aids Work:
  • Sealing Techniques: These hearing aids are designed with a tight seal around the ear canal, effectively blocking water entry.
  • O-rings: Placed around openings, O-rings create a watertight barrier, enhancing the device’s resilience.
  • Nanocoating: A thin, water-repellent layer applied to the hearing aid, providing an additional level of protection.

Constructed from robust materials like titanium and acrylic, these hearing aids also feature sealed batteries and switches, further safeguarding against moisture.

Benefits of Waterproof Hearing Aids:


  • Versatility: You can use them in various settings, including rainy conditions, during workouts, or even while swimming.
  • Durability: Less susceptible to moisture damage, these hearing aids are more reliable and long-lasting.
  • Peace of Mind: This is particularly beneficial for physically active individuals who reside in humid climates, offering assurance in all weather conditions.
The Technology Behind Sweat-Resistant Hearing Aids:


Central to these hearing aids is their ingress protection (IP) rating. This two-digit number indicates the device’s level of protection against solids (like dust and debris) and liquids (such as water). A high IP rating, typically IP68, signifies that the hearing aid can endure submersion in water up to 1.5 meters deep for 30 minutes, showcasing an optimal balance of durability and functionality. This makes them an ideal choice for those leading active, dynamic lifestyles.


Choosing the Right Model: A Buyer’s Guide to Hearing Aids for Active Lifestyle

In summary, when selecting a hearing aid suitable for an active lifestyle, certain features are vital to consider:

  • Water Resistance and Sweatproof: Essential for active individuals, these features ensure the hearing aid remains functional amidst moisture and sweat. Look for an IP rating of 68.
  • Durability: Look for shockproof models that can withstand accidental drops or bumps.
  • Noise Reduction: This reduces background noise, aiding speech comprehension in noisy settings.
  • Wind Noise Reduction: Crucial for outdoor activities, this feature minimizes wind interference.
  • Directional Microphones: These focus on sounds in front of the user while reducing background noise, which is beneficial in busy environments.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Enables pairing with smartphones and other devices for streaming audio, phone calls, or navigation.
  • Rechargeable Batteries: More convenient and cost-effective than disposable ones.

When you’re looking for sweat-resistant hearing aids, you should also make sure that you get the opportunity to test them during a risk-free trial period so that you can make sure they work for your active lifestyle. If you’re a swimmer, make sure you get the opportunity to swim with them to know if they’re waterproof. If you’re a pickleball fan, make sure you have time to squeeze a few games in during the trial.

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Which Hearing Aids for Active Lifestyles Do Audiologists Recommend?

The audiologists at Injoy, recognizing the needs listed above, offer the Phonak Audeo Life Lumity as their “Security” model.  These hearing aids for active lifestyle stand out for their:

  • IP68 Rating: The highest available, indicating strong water and dust resistance.
  • Submersion Capability: Can be submerged in up to 50 centimeters (approximately 1.6 feet) of water.
  • Health Data Tracking: Keeps track of health metrics, a plus for active users.
  • Universal Bluetooth Connectivity: Connects with various devices, including smartphones and TVs.
  • SmartSpeech Technology: Ensures clear listening in challenging auditory environments.
  • Rechargeable Battery: Adds convenience.
  • Tap Control: For accessible Bluetooth functionalities.
  • Multiple Color Options and Smart Apps: Offers personalization and enhanced functionality.

The Phonak Audéo Life Lumity is the top choice for sweat-resistant hearing aids from not only our audiologists but also those from Forbes Health and Nagish. Additionally, Injoy provides a 4-year warranty, a money-back trial option, and telehearing support from our audiologists.


Maintenance Tips: Caring for Your Sweat-Resistant Hearing Aids Post-Workout

Caring for your hearing aids post-workout is crucial to maintain their optimal functionality, even if they are water-resistant. Here’s how to properly care for them:

  • Immediate Cleaning: After exercising, promptly wipe away any sweat from the devices. Sweat, unlike water, contains sodium, which heightens corrosion risks.
  • Post-Shower Care: Once you’ve showered and cleared your ears of wax and debris, either reinsert the hearing aids or allow them to dry thoroughly, especially after intense workouts.
  • Use a Dry Box: Consider investing in a dry box for your hearing aids. Store them here post-workout to extract all moisture, protecting the devices from sweat-induced damage.
  • Hearing Aid Dehumidifier: A valuable investment, a hearing aid dehumidifier removes trapped moisture, which is especially important for devices with replaceable batteries (leave the battery door open in the dry box).
  • Overnight Drying: Place your hearing aids in the dehumidifier overnight for complete drying and sanitization, ready for use the next morning.
  • Air Puffer: Utilize a puffer to blow air through the hearing device. This helps remove small obstructions like grit or sweat droplets.
  • Antimicrobial Wipes: After exercise, clean your hearing aids with antimicrobial wipes to remove external buildups, including toxins present in sweat.

Following these steps ensures that your hearing aids remain in top condition, even with an active lifestyle. This routine helps prevent issues that could hinder the performance of even the most water-resistant hearing devices.

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Find Your Own Hearing Aids for Active Lifestyle

Embracing an active lifestyle while managing hearing health is entirely feasible with the right care and choice of hearing aids. Remember, regular maintenance and proper cleaning of your hearing aids post-exercise are critical to their longevity and effectiveness. As you navigate the world of hearing aids suitable for active individuals, don’t let hearing challenges hold you back from enjoying your favorite activities. Start your journey to better hearing today by completing Injoy Hearing’s online hearing test. It’s a simple, convenient step towards understanding your hearing needs and exploring the solutions we offer. Let Injoy Hearing help you find the perfect hearing aids for active lifestyle.


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