Phonak Audéo Life Lumity L90


Our top-of-the-line hearing aids are Phonak Audeo Life Lumity L90 devices. They’re fully waterproof, rechargeable, and include 2-way Bluetooth compatibility with Android and iPhone. Order now or contact us today to start a risk-free trial of Phonak Audeo Life Lumity L90 hearing aids.

What it comes with

  • Phonak Audeo Life Lumity L90 waterproof hearing aid
  • Two-Way Bluetooth Streaming (Apple and Android)
  • Free app to adjust your hearing aids — anytime, anywhere
  • Multiple Domes for the best fit
  • Recharging case
  • Cleaning kit and wax filter
  • 4-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • 4-year loss-and-damage protection
  • 4 years of remote care with our Injoy Audiology Team
  • Left and Right indicators
  • Instruction guide
  • Warranty Card
  • Lithium-Ion-Batteries Label
  • Waterproof up to ½ meter submerging
  • Sweatproof
  • QuickSync Control
  • Adaptive Digital 2.0
  • Easy Audiogram
  • Ultra Zoom
  • AutoSense 5.0
  • AI-based machine learning
  • Speech in Noise
  • Sound Recover 2
  • Tinnitus Balance
  • Hands-Free calling in stereo
  • WhistleBlock
  • WindBlock
  • Precise speech detection from any direction
  • Improved front focus in challenging listening environments
  • Incredible sound quality
  • Stereo Bluetooth streaming
  • Smartphone compatible app
  • Rechargeable
  • Adjustable at home
  • Resonant loop antenna
  • Operation Frequency: 2.4 GHz-2.48 GHz
  • Modulation: GFSK, PI/4 DPSK, GMSK
  • Radiated Power: <2.5 wW>
  • Range: ~1m
  • Bluetooth: 4.2 Dual-Mode
  • Operating System: AutoSense 5.0
  • Operating conditions 5° to +40° Celsius (41° to 104°Fahrenheit)
  • Transport and storage conditions –20° to +60° Celsius (–4° to +140° Fahrenheit)
  • Humidity during transportation Up to 90% (non condensing)
  • Humidity during storage 0% to 70% (non condensing)
  • Humidity during operation0% to 85% (non condensing)
  • Atmospheric pressure during use 800 hPA to 1500 hPa
  • Included Parts: Power supply, micro-USB cable (for charging only), Cleaning tool, External Interfaces micro-USB port

Graphite Grey, Champagne, Sand Beige, Sandalwood, Black, Silver


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Phonak Audéo Life Lumity L90 Hearing Aid

Injoy Hearing proudly presents The Security – Phonak Audéo Life Lumity L90, a pinnacle of advanced auditory technology that stands as the best water-resistant hearing aid designed to redefine the way you experience sound. As we embark on this extraordinary voyage, prepare to immerse yourself in exploring waterproof aids’ capability, ensuring unparalleled clarity and convenience. These top-rated waterproof hearing aids, renowned for their water-resistant and waterproof features, have been meticulously crafted to empower you in every aspect of life, from strenuous physical activities to navigating challenging acoustic environments with severe hearing loss or loud noise and music.

Join us as we explore why The Security – Phonak Audéo Life Lumity L90 Waterproof Rechargeable Hearing Aid by Injoy Hearing is the ultimate hearing solution, offering lifetime hearing aid service and accessible online nationwide, waiting to transform your hearing experience. Discover the Phonak Audéo Lumity L90 price and see how our Phonak Lumity hearing devices, including the Phonak Audéo Life price, set the standard for quality and performance.

Phonak Lumity L30 Hearing Aid Near You


The Security hearing aids are powered by SmartSpeech Technology, an innovative feature that automatically adjusts microphone modes to optimize speech clarity. Whether you’re in a crowded room, a bustling street, or a serene park, The Security – Phonak Audéo Life Lumity L90 Waterproof Hearing Aid ensures crystal-clear sound quality and precise communication, allowing you to savor every moment, and is one of the best water resistant hearing aids in the Phonak Audéo Life hearing aids selection.

Phonak Lumity L30 Hearing Aid Near You

Get Yours – Order The Security Hearing Aid Today!

A lady holding up her phone looking at the Security

The Digital Age of Auditory Enhancement

Injoy Hearing understands that convenience is paramount in today’s fast-paced world. That’s why The Workhorse – Phonak Audéo Lumity L30 Rechargeable Hearing Aid is readily accessible online, allowing you to explore, purchase, and personalize your hearing aids from the comfort of your own home. No more waiting for appointments or visiting brick-and-mortar stores. With just a few clicks, you can embark on your journey to enhanced hearing and a richer life.

The Security of Rechargeable Technology

Bid farewell to disposable batteries and their environmental footprint with The Security – Phonak Audéo Life Lumity L90 Waterproof Hearing Aids. These advanced devices come equipped with rechargeable technology, ensuring uninterrupted sound throughout your day. Charging is effortless; simply place them in their charging station overnight, and you’re ready to embark on another day of auditory delight.

The Workhorse in case cutout

Phonak Audéo Waterproof Hearing Aid Features


In the realm of advanced hearing aids, innovation knows no bounds. Engineered for those who demand nothing less than auditory excellence, AutoSense OS 5.0 is the key to effortlessly navigating diverse acoustic landscapes. The Security – Phonak Audéo Life Lumity L90 Waterproof Hearing Aid has:

  • Comfort in Echo
  • Speech in Car
  • Speech in Loud Noise
  • Music
  • Comfort in Noise
  • Speech in Noise
  • Calm Situation
  • Streaming Speech
  • Streaming Music


In the ever-evolving landscape of hearing solutions, SmartSpeech Technology stands as a beacon of innovation and precision. Get ready to immerse yourself in a world where hearing is not just about volume, but about the precision, adaptability, and connectivity that SmartSpeech Technology brings to the forefront of your auditory experience. These features include:

  • ActiveVent
  • Performance+
  • Dynamic Noise Cancellation
  • Speech Enhancer
  • SpeechSensor
  • StereoZoom 2.0
  • Motion Sensor Hearing
  • UltraZoom
  • Roger Technology


In the intricate tapestry of advanced hearing aids, the foundation of auditory excellence lies in the realm of basic features. These fundamental functionalities form the cornerstone of an exceptional auditory journey, providing the building blocks upon which advanced technology thrives. The basic features in The Security are:

  • Comfort in Echo
  • Speech in Loud Noise
  • Speech in 360°
  • EchoBlock
  • WindBlock
  • SoundRelax
  • DuoPhone
  • Real Ear Sound
  • WhistleBlock
  • Tinnitus Balance
  • 20 Channels

Dive Into the Deep End With Waterproof Design

The Security hearing aids boast a standout feature that sets them apart from the rest – their remarkable waterproof design. Whether you’re an adventurer who loves water-based activities, someone who enjoys strenuous workouts, or just someone who values peace of mind in unpredictable weather conditions, The Security has you covered. These hearing aids are engineered to withstand water exposure, making them ideal companions for individuals with active lifestyles.

With The Security, you can dive into life’s adventures with the assurance that your auditory experience remains crystal clear, no matter where your journey takes you.

Guy outside enjoying his waterproof security hearing aid with his dog on a paddle board in the water
Couple outside enjoying fresh air together

StereoZoom 2.0: Precision in Sound

For those seeking even more control over their auditory experience, The Security offers StereoZoom 2.0. This feature allows you to fine-tune speech focus, balancing audibility, loudness, and sound quality. With the myPhonak app, you can take control of your hearing aids, especially in challenging acoustic environments, ensuring you hear what truly matters.

Speech Sensor: Precision in Direction

Imagine being in a bustling restaurant where conversations overlap and ambient noise levels can be overwhelming. This is where the Speech Sensor comes into play. By utilizing advanced microphone technology and sophisticated algorithms, the Speech Sensor pinpoints the precise direction from which speech is emanating. In essence, it acts as your auditory compass, allowing you to effortlessly locate the source of speech amidst the cacophony of sounds.

Group of friends outside at the park

Tap Controls

One of the standout features of The Security hearing aids is the intuitive tap control functionality. With a simple double-tap gesture, you gain control over various aspects of your auditory experience. Whether you need to accept an incoming phone call, switch between streaming music, or TV, or interact with virtual assistants like Siri or Alexa, these tap controls make it effortless. No need to fumble with buttons or settings — a quick tap puts you in charge, allowing for a seamless transition between different audio sources and tasks, enhancing both convenience and versatility in your daily life.

A lady holding up her phone looking at the Security
The Workhorse

Choosing the Right Hearing Aid

Selecting the perfect hearing aids is a pivotal decision that demands careful consideration. It begins with a comprehensive hearing assessment conducted by a qualified audiologist. This evaluation helps determine the nature and extent of your hearing loss, providing crucial insights into your unique requirements.

Your Personalized Journey

Remember, choosing the right hearing aids is a personalized journey, and the decision you make will profoundly impact your auditory experience.


Yes, The Security hearing aids are compatible with smartphones, allowing you to adjust settings, stream audio, and access additional features through the myPhonak app.

Yes, The Security hearing aids feature a waterproof design, making them suitable for water-based activities and active lifestyles, and ensuring durability even in wet conditions.

The Security hearing aids support multiple simultaneous Bluetooth connections, allowing you to pair them with up to eight different devices and have up to two active connections at the same time.

What is everyone saying?

Mark W.
Mark W.
I bought another brand of hearing aids recently but I was unimpressed with their service. Researched Phonak and was impressed. Bought a pair and their service was excellent. Cynthia help me every step of the was with professionalism and care. She was patient and went but the call to help me get started. Very impressive. Aids are exceptionally good compared to all other brands. L90 do everything I need.Mark W
Theodore W.
Theodore W.
I recently purchased a pair of Phonak L-90hearing aids from Injoy.The aids themselves are fabulous, the price was definitely very reasonable, and the customer service has been outstanding!I highly recommend this company and these hearing aids.
Chris was great to work with. He helped us every step of the way.We were able to reach out to him and get all our questions answered quickly. It was truly a pleasure working with him. He is very professional and I would highly recommend him.
Alex S.
Alex S.
I recently purchased my latest pair of hearing aids (Phonak L90) and the experience from start to finish was absolutely fantastic! The initial call was smooth, and I easily obtained the information I needed about the hearing aids and Injoy's remote services. Everything was done online at my convenience, allowing me to avoid traveling to appointments and taking up valuable work time to get fitted. When an adjustment was needed, it was done online to perfection. They also offered the most competitive price I found. I am thrilled with my new hearing aids and the quality of care I received from the team at Injoy!
Helen L.
Helen L.
Impressive personalized service. VERY knowledgeable and efficient handling of things. Having met over 10 different audiologists and service providers over the years, I can hands-down, say that this is the best service I've experienced.
Kimon R.
Kimon R.
Very helpful! Chris was great explaining everything to me and I was overly satisfied with the whole experience in purchasing my new hearing aids!
I haven't bought hearing aids yet and am still in the research stage. Chris Adams, their Sales Manager was knowledgeable very patient with all my questions. Injoy Hearing is definately on my consideration list for purchase. Thanks, Chris
Donald G.
Donald G.
We were home for our experience, Brent was absolutely profession and clear in all of his communications with us as he explained and demonstrated everything about our new heading aids.
Dick B.
Dick B.
I have been wearing hearing aids for several years. I have had cheap ones and very expensive ones. These Injoy hearing are very comfortable and the clearest sounding aids I have ever had. I am extremely satisfied with them and Injoy was very helpful helping me with my purchase. If you need help with your hearing I would strongly recommend getting in touch with Injoy Hearing !!
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We are available 8 AM - 5 PM (Central)

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Injoy Hearing invites you to elevate your auditory journey with The Security. Leave behind the limitations of traditional hearing aids and embrace a future where clarity, comfort, and convenience reign supreme. Order The Security today!

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