Phonak Audeo Lumity Hearing Aids: A Revolutionary Breakthrough in Hearing Technology

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Imagine hearing aids as personalized sound architects, sculpting a bespoke auditory experience. Like master artisans, they finely tune and optimize your soundscape. So they transform a world of noise into a symphony of clarity. They are worn in or behind the ear and work by collecting sound waves, converting them into electrical signals, and amplifying them. The amplified signals are then converted back into sound waves and delivered to the ear. These auditory assistants, such as the Phonak Audeo Lumity,  orchestrate a harmonious dance between the listener and the world of sounds.


There’s no way to overstate the importance of hearing aids in our daily lives. So here are some key reasons why hearing aids are crucial:

  • Communication: Hearing aids make sure we can actively participate in conversations, whether it’s with family, friends, colleagues, or in public settings.
  • Mental and Emotional Health: Untreated hearing loss can lead to feelings of isolation, frustration, and even depression. By providing better access to sounds and speech, hearing aids can significantly improve mental and emotional health, boosting self-esteem and overall life satisfaction.
  • Brain Function: There is a strong link between hearing loss and cognitive decline. Hearing aids help maintain the brain’s stimulation by providing auditory input, reducing the risk of cognitive issues, and promoting mental agility.
  • Safety: Hearing important sounds like alarms, sirens, and approaching vehicles is vital for personal safety, especially in urban environments. Hearing aids increase awareness of the surroundings, reducing the risk of accidents.
  • Physical Health: Addressing hearing loss with hearing aids has been linked to improved physical health outcomes. It may lead to better sleep, reduced stress levels, and a healthier overall lifestyle.
  • Longevity: Studies have shown that people who use hearing aids to address hearing loss tend to have better overall health and a higher quality of life, contributing to increased longevity.

Hearing aids are like bridges connecting us to the grand orchestra of life. So we must find the ones that will connect us quickly and comfortably.


The name “Phonak Audeo Lumity” is a combination of two words: “audeo” and “lumity.” Audeo is a Latin word that means “I hear”. Phonak uses it to denote its receiver-in-canal, or RIC, style of hearing aids. Phonak uses different Latin words to represent each different style of hearing aid they sell. Therefore, each model then has its own designation, such as “Lumity.”  Lumity is a word that is derived from the Latin word “lumen,” which means “light.” This word is used in the name of Phonak Audeo Lumity hearing aids to reflect their ability to provide a clear sound. In short, “Phonak Audeo Lumity” means “I hear light.” So “Audeo Lumity”  is a fitting name for a hearing aid designed to provide clear, natural sound and help people hear better.

Forbes Health Best of 2023” at the top. At the bottom, each says “Phonak Audeo Lumity” and “Best Hearing Aids.Forbes Health Best of 2023” at the top. At the bottom, each says “Phonak Audeo Lumity” and “Best Hearing Aids.Forbes Health Best of 2023” at the top. At the bottom, each says “Phonak Audeo Lumity” and “Best Hearing Aids.










Forbes Health has included Phonak Audeo Lumity on their “Best of 2023” list for mild, moderate, and profound hearing loss. This is a testament to the hearing aid’s ability to provide clear sound to a variety of users. If you are looking for a hearing aid to help you hear better, Phonak Audeo Lumity is an excellent option. The many features can help you hear better and are comfortable and easy to use.


A silver Phonak Audeo Lumity hearing aid stands on a white background.


What makes Lumity truly exceptional:

  • Enhanced Speech Understanding: Lumity delivers improved speech understanding in diverse listening environments, making communication effortless and enjoyable.
  • SmartSpeech Technology: With AutoSense OS 5.0, it adapts a collection of features, enhancing speech understanding and listening effort. The result is a symphony of sound tailored to your hearing environment.
  • AI-Powered Adaptation: Lumity is a true master of adaptation. Infused with AI-based machine learning, these hearing aids skillfully identify your sound environment and orchestrate the numerous comfort and speech understanding features accordingly.
  • Ultra Zoom: Directional microphone technology has demonstrated its effectiveness in significantly enhancing speech intelligibility amidst background noise. UltraZoom, an adaptive multi-channel beamforming technology, is seamlessly integrated into AutoSense OS or can be manually activated in a program, further improving the listening experience.
  • AOV: An exclusive, advanced multidimensional-weighted algorithm establishes an optimal target “acoustic mass” for every vent., Then,  it generates a personalized vent for each instrument utilizing sophisticated 3D modeling software. This individualized Acoustically Optimized Venting (AOV) value is then encoded into the device, enhancing the fitting calculation process. As a result, occlusion is minimized to its lowest level, providing a superior hearing experience.
  • WhistleBlock: Distinguishes between naturally occurring feedback-like sounds and genuine feedback, resulting in improved audibility and sound quality that remains free from bothersome feedback noises.
  • SoundRecover2: The next iteration of SoundRecover represents a significant advancement, enhancing speech audibility through an adaptive frequency lowering algorithm. By preserving the sound quality of mid and low frequencies and making high-frequency sounds more audible, it delivers an exceptional listening experience to a broader range of users than ever before.

Embrace the power of Phonak Audeo Lumity, and let the world of sound enrich your daily experiences.


Phonak designs the Lumity hearing aids to cater to various preferences and needs, offering four different technology tiers: 90 (Premium), 70 (Advanced), 50 (Standard), and 30 (Essential). Additionally, eight attractive color options are available.

These technology tiers give you the flexibility to choose the level of technology that best suits your requirements and budget, with lower-cost options available in the lower tiers. Decision-making about which tier to select will depend on your willingness or ability to invest financially, your lifestyle, and your listening needs. Let’s look at them in more detail.


This workhorse of a device also features QuickSync so that you can adjust both hearing aids by touching one button. You can also find Tinnitus balance to help deal with tinnitus symptoms. What’s more, the hearing aid also supports hands-free calling in stereo, allowing clear communication without additional devices. The device is compatible with a smartphone app for seamless connectivity and control. Furthermore, it offers the convenience of being rechargeable, ensuring hassle-free usage. Additionally, it comes with a substantial 3-year warranty, 3-year damage protection, and three years of Injoy support, providing peace of mind and ongoing assistance for an extended period.


This hearing aid has bells and whistles. It has Comfort In Noise, which reduces background sounds when no speech is present. Phonak device has Real Ear Sound, which helps identify where sounds are coming from. The technology level for this model is a balance between the workhorse and advanced models.


A choice model, the Phonak Lumity 70 has all of the features of the Lumity 30 and the Lumity 50 plus a few more. For example, you also get a music sense. It provides an extended dynamic range, a gentle compression speed, and increased gain to deliver a more immersive and vibrant music experience.

With Speech in 360, the hearing device automatically detects the direction of speech. It streams it to the other ear, enhancing speech intelligibility without requiring the listener to face the speaker directly. Moreover, this level has both

Dynamic Noise Cancellation (an advanced spatial noise feature that collaborates seamlessly with a directional beamformer to enhance the signal-to-noise ratio, particularly in challenging environments) and Tap Control (you can double tap to pause and resume Bluetooth stream devices, phone calls, and voice assistants like Siri or Google Assistant).

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If you’re looking for security, the waterproof Lumity Life 90 is unbeatable. In addition to all of the features included in the other Phonak Audeo Lumity models, this device is waterproof. Imagine not having to worry about splashing or super-soaking grandchildren! At this level, your device is also sweatproof and can help you hear speech better in cars and even noisier environments. Another advantage is EchoBlock, which significantly enhances the listening experience in reverberating environments, such as large assembly halls, places of worship, and rooms with reflective surfaces. This innovative technology is specifically designed to eliminate disruptive reflections of reverberant sounds swiftly.


Hearing aids are more than just devices; they are personalized sound architects that bring a symphony of clarity to life. They are vital to our daily lives. Since they enable us to participate in conversations actively, they safeguard our mental and emotional well-being. Also, they promote brain function and physical health. By addressing loss with the correct hearing aid, we can enhance our overall quality of life.

Embrace the power of better hearing by contacting Injoy Hearing today to explore the remarkable Phonak Audeo Lumity and discover the personalized solution to elevate your listening experience.


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