Phonak Audéo Lumity 70 vs Lumity Life 90: Pricing and Features

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With over 70 years of experience crafting assistive listening devices, Phonak has established its industry leader reputation. Known for fostering customer trust, pioneering new technologies, and pushing the envelope in hearing aid innovation, Phonak offers a range of options. Our audiologists have researched extensively and selected the Phonak Audéo Lumity 30, the Phonak Audéo Lumity 70, and the Lumity Life 90 as top picks. Read on to discover the distinct features of these remarkable devices.

Forbes names Phonak Audéo Lumity as the best hearing aids for mild, moderate and profound hearing loss.


Understanding the Phonak Audéo Lumity

Phonak’s Audéo Lumity series, developed by world-renowned manufacturer Sonova, stands out as one of the most Bluetooth-connected hearing aids available today. Forbes has named them as among the Best Hearing Aids for Mild, Moderate, and Profound Hearing Loss today. Here’s an overview of the universally shared features among the Lumity 90, 70, and 30 models:

  • Bluetooth Connectivity for Hands-Free Calls: Compatible with Android and iPhone, these devices make hands-free calls a breeze.
  • Sophisticated Listening Tech: Equipped with a motion sensor, the Lumity series offers 360° listening when you’re walking and focuses sound when you’re seated.
  • AutoSense Technology: This intelligent feature automatically detects and adjusts to your sound environment, offering seamless hearing experiences.
  • Roger Wireless and TV Connector Compatibility: Beyond Bluetooth, these devices connect to Roger wireless technology and Phonak TV Connectors, enhancing your listening in challenging environments.
  • Artificial Intelligence for Speech Understanding: Trained with AI-based machine learning, Lumity prioritizes speech even in noisy settings.
  • Rechargeable Batteries: With proven rechargeable technology, these hearing aids keep you powered all day, a feature preferred by both users and audiologists.
  • Personalized Experience: Auto-detection of environments and automatic retrieval of pre-programmed settings make for a tailored listening experience.
  • Superior Smartphone Compatibility and Streaming: The devices sync automatically with your phone and other streaming sources, optimizing sound quality across various situations.
  • Enhanced Clarity: The Lumity series improves upon its predecessors by offering clearer hearing, even against background noise.

These cutting-edge features make the Phonak Audéo Lumity series the most advanced in Phonak’s line-up, ensuring quality sound and versatile functionality.

Phonak Audéo Lumity 70 hearing aids sit in their charging case.


Features of the Phonak Audéo Lumity 70, The Choice

Elevating user experience, The Choice is the second tier in Injoy’s hearing aid lineup, surpassing the base tier in both sound quality and speech zooming. As Phonak’s second highest technology level, the Audéo Lumity 70 brings most Lumity features to the table. Here’s what you can expect:

  • StereoZoom and Windblock: Experience high-quality sound in various environments, making it ideal for those who are active and often find themselves in small groups with moderate background noise.
  • AI-Based Machine Learning: Like other Phonak Audéo devices, the Lumity 70 utilizes artificial intelligence to adapt to different soundscapes.
  • Speech in Noise and Sound Recover 2: These features elevate speech understanding and sound recovery, further enhancing the auditory experience.
  • Tinnitus Balance and WhistleBlock: Enjoy added comforts like tinnitus management and feedback cancellation.
  • Hands-Free Calling: Stay connected with ease through hands-free calls.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: Enjoy hands-free phone calls and Bluetooth streaming on both Apple and Android devices.

When you opt for the Phonak Audéo Lumity 70, you get a robust suite of features to enhance your hearing and overall quality of life.

The Phonak Audéo Lumity 90 hearing aids sit in their charging case.


Features of the Phonak Audéo Lumity 90, The Security

The Audéo Lumity 90 is Phonak’s top-of-the-line offering, bringing unparalleled functionality to hearing aid users. It includes all of the features available in other Phonak Audéo Lumity devices, as well as:

  • Dynamic Noise Cancellation: AutoSense 5.0 technology offers personalized noise cancellation, making your auditory experience seamless.
  • Enhanced Car Listening: Experience better sound clarity while in the car, an environment often rife with background noise.
  • Automatic Focus Shifting: The device intuitively focuses on the direction of the person speaking, making conversations more engaging and easier to follow.
  • 24-Hour Battery Life: A long-lasting battery ensures you’re never without your hearing aid when you need it most. The price includes a charger to keep you powered up.
  • IP68 Rating: This device is both water and dust-resistant, ideal for users with active lifestyles.
  • Comprehensive Package: The Audéo Life Lumity L90 comes with multiple domes for optimal fit, a cleaning kit, a wax filter, and a recharging case.
  • Remote Care: Enjoy three years of remote care with our Injoy Audiology Team, available seven days a week.
  • Sweatproof and Waterproof: Designed for those with active lifestyles, the Lumity 90 can withstand sweat and is waterproof up to half a meter.
  • Health Data Tracking: Connect to the myPhonak app for health activity tracking, which monitors steps taken, distance walked, and hearing aid wearing time.

Whether you are a busy professional, an outdoor enthusiast, or someone who wants to enjoy every conversation, the Audéo Lumity 90 offers the features and support you need for a rich auditory experience.

Which Phonak Audéo Lumity Hearing Aid Is Right For You?

When considering a Phonak Audéo Lumity hearing aid, it’s essential to evaluate various factors. These include your level of hearing loss, lifestyle, and budget. Depending on the severity of your hearing loss—mild to moderate or severe to profound—your needs may align better with specific models.

Model Overview
There are four main models: Lumity 30, Lumity 50, Lumity 70, and Lumity Life 90.

Phonak Audéo Lumity 30: This is the entry-level model, providing basic features like automatic volume control and noise reduction. Current pricing from Injoy Hearing sits at $2,000/pair.
Phonak Audéo Lumity 50: As a mid-range option, it adds enhanced sound quality and features like speech focus and personalized listening programs.
Phonak Audéo Lumity 70: This high-end model includes advanced features like binaural beamforming and adaptive noise reduction. The required investment for this Injoy Hearing model is $2,947/pair.
Phonak Audéo Life Lumity 90: The premium choice offers all features of the Lumity 70, plus extras like rechargeable batteries and a tinnitus masker. Prices for this Injoy Hearing device are $3,598/pair.

Our audiologists suggest beginning with our online hearing test and consulting with them to help you determine which model will work best for you. If you choose to work with Injoy Hearing, you can try our free trial hearing aids for 30 days to ensure you’ve found the right ones. By taking a thorough approach to your selection, you can ensure you choose the Phonak Audéo Lumity hearing aid that best suits your needs.

Next Steps with the Phonak Audéo Lumity

In summary, the Phonak Audéo Lumity line offers a robust range of hearing aids designed to meet varying needs. From the advanced Phonak Audéo Lumity 30 to the feature-rich Phonak Audéo Lumity 70 to the waterproof Lumity Life 90, these devices provide a blend of sound quality, advanced technology, and personalized features. Whether you prioritize budget, lifestyle, or the level of hearing loss, there’s likely a Lumity model that fits your needs.

Don’t compromise on your auditory experience. Consult a hearing care professional and make an informed decision for your hearing health. Choose Injoy Hearing for a tailored solution that prioritizes your well-being. Act now to experience the life-changing benefits of the Phonak Audéo Lumity hearing aids.


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