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Where I Need Hearing Aids | Understanding Hearing Loss

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According to the Mayo Clinic, the most common hearing loss happens gradually. For most of us, once we fully acknowledge our hearing loss, we realize we could have used hearing aids for the past several years. 

Understanding where you need hearing aids, and what they can do for you there, can help you feel better about wearing them. It’s all about getting part of your life back. 

How to know you have hearing loss

Steve, one of our Injoy hearing specialists, is waving his hand in the air, jumping up and down like a teacher’s favorite pupil. He knows the answer is: take our free online hearing test!

Sometimes the simplest answer is the best. Our hearing test is an online tool that can help you discover where your hearing has diminished. It might also tell you you have no hearing loss. Try it out and discover if you’re a candidate for hearing aids.

While we give Steve a gold star and tell him to get back to work, let’s look at other signs which can point to hearing loss.

Your phone isn’t loud enough

Maybe these days you’re talking on the phone or in a video chat, and more often than not you can’t make out what they’re saying. It didn’t used to be that way, did it? That’s a good sign you have hearing loss, and a great place where you need hearing aids.

Background noise

When you’re in a loud or distracting environment, is it hard to understand what other people are saying to you? Or more and more does it seem like the sound has become muddled and indistinct? If you just can’t seem to hear—and understand—what’s being said, you probably have hearing loss. 

Common sounds hurt now

From kitchen noises to traffic sounds to a busy office environment, certains sounds have begun to hurt your ears more and more. When you’re experiencing increased sensitivity or pain with certain sounds, hearing loss could be the culprit. 

Can’t hear specific noises

You may have noticed familiar noises now don’t sound quite right. Not only are you having to change your listening angle every way to Sunday while trying to hear what used to be clear, you might have to turn up the volume. A lot. 

Mechanics listen to engines, musicians listen to tonal qualities, heating and cooling techs listen to fan motors. If these special sounds are no longer audible, you probably have hearing loss.

Can you repeat that?

Are you constantly asking people in conversations to repeat what they just said? It’s not that you don’t understand the subject. The problem is you keep losing sentences and phrases because you can’t seem to hear them clearly. You’re probably suffering from hearing loss.

Where you need HEARING AIDS: places

Whether it’s through our online hearing test or from introspection, once you know you have hearing loss, you might wonder where a hearing aid can come in handy. 

Sure, you can turn up the TV (to a point), but can you turn down the place you’re at? Here are some places where hearing aids make perfect sense.


The background noise in many bars and restaurants these days can be the front-ground noise. This may sound like a “get off my lawn” moment, but there’s a name for what happens in loud places where people congregate: The Lombard Effect.

This describes the involuntary raising of our voices in loud places. We put more volume into it, more enunciation, more everything. And so does everyone else. Most of us don’t even realize we’re doing it.

What does that do for someone with hearing loss? It turns that atmosphere into a wall of sound, an indecipherable, muddy tidal wave that makes comprehension almost impossible. Being unable to communicate with others in a social setting isolates the person with hearing loss.

Hearing aids like what Injoy offers can help “turn down” the background noise through specific, adjustable settings. Their technology can help a hearing loss sufferer focus in on the conversation, and lessen the wall of distraction in the background.

Sporting events

This works the same as in a bar, except its fellow fans cheering on the team or shouting at the referee. In this environment, you want to be able to hear the announcer, and even the people seated near you. 

Hearing aids, once again, help you find that best point between muddy noise, and clearer communication.


So now there’s no crowd noise (except that guy with the crunchy popcorn and the crinkly plastic bag, yeesh!)—but the movie audio itself is too loud, or not loud enough.

Two things could happen here:

  1. You can use your hearing aid settings to literally turn down the volume.
  2. You can ask the theater if they have a blue-tooth feed of the audio. If so, you can link your hearing aids to that feed, and listen to the movie almost as if you’re in the movie.

Even movies theaters are places where you need hearing aids for maximum enjoyment.

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This could be a sports situation, or a theater situation. Some music has screaming fans, some music has almost silent fans. Hearing aids can be adjusted to help to catch each high and low, every rockin’ scream or classical note. 

You might need to adjust settings to block out the roaring throngs, or ask the venue if they broadcast using bluetooth so you may catch subtle nuances. 

Your TV room

Do you do almost all of your TV watching alone? It might not be because you binge cooking shows. It might be because your hearing loss has caused you to crank up the TV volume. Those levels could be uncomfortable for family and/or friends to endure.

With hearing aids, you can adjust the aid volume, or link to the TV’s (or media device’s) bluetooth so that the audio also feeds directly into your ears. You have your levels, everyone else has theirs, and that great bake-off can entertain all.

Anywhere you talk on the phone

Your phone might not be loud enough to hear the person on the other end. Time to stop maximizing the volume so that you and everyone else around you can hear them speak. Instead, advance hearing aids like at Injoy have two-way bluetooth connection so that you talk on the phone and hear every word without touching the phone volume.

It’s all right there, in your ears. And that’s awesome.

Those are just a few examples of where you need hearing aids when you suffer hearing loss. Now the time comes to pick your hearing aids.

Why over-the-ear hearing aids are better

At Injoy, our team of industry veterans chose over-the-ear hearing aids because we think they offer the best advantages and most flexibility of all hearing aid styles.

  • Versatility. They work with any level of hearing loss- mild to profound.
  • Battery life. They can handle more battery capacity.
  • Power. They have the size to truly amplify.
  • More tech. Over the ear hearing aids can handle more technology.
  • Controllable. Small enough to be discreet, but with enough presence to not challenge your dexterity.
  • Right price. We’re half the price of brick and mortar!

And because these hearing aids are so technologically advanced, their settings can be changed using a smartphone app, by our techs, or by you on the fly.

Improve your ability to hear

The fact is hearing loss doesn’t go away. However, helping you hear better can be done right now. When you order online, the process is so very simple, and we’ll be with you through it all. 

  • Take our free hearing test online. Discover whether or not you have hearing loss. 
  • Schedule a consultation. If you’ve got hearing loss, let’s talk about it. Together we can find the perfect hearing aids with the right functions for your needs. 
  • Place your order.
  • Your hearing aids arrive in only 2 to 3 days. Since most people wait a long time to order hearing aids, we know they want them when they want them. That’s why our free shipping is fast.
  • Face-to-face set-up help via our phone app. While your shipment is in transit, an Injoy hearing specialist will set up a consultation for after they arrive. We’ll help set up your functions, we’ll talk about how it works, and we’ll be there whenever you need us. 
  • Go out and “Injoy” your new ability to hear more clearly!

You risk nothing. 

You’ve got 100 days to try them out. We honestly think you’ll be amazed at how different the experience will be at that favorite watering hole, that sports arena, or in the TV den. If you aren’t delighted, our 100-day money back guarantee returns every dime to your pocket. What’s there to lose? 

Where you need hearing aids is wherever you need to hear clearly. Work, home, play, or even in the quiet. Hear what you’ve been missing.

You can hear here.

Contact Injoy today. Our team works tirelessly to find the right hearing aid for your needs, and to advance the science of hearing better. We pledge to make the process easy. As always, contact us with questions or call us at 844-55-INJOY. We’ve helped people across the country find hearing solutions. Let us help you too, with the best behind the ear hearing aid available online, and anywhere.

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