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Hearing Test Online | The Telehealth Advantage at Injoy

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Have you ever taken a hearing test online? The telehealth advantage at Injoy Hearing includes a free, no-obligation hearing test, along with expert advice available practically immediately. We put you in the driver’s seat while we’re riding shotgun. The road ahead looks—and sounds—amazing. 

If the ideas of a hearing test online and using telehealth seem foreign to you, just contact us with your questions, and read on for how Injoy’s telehearing model works in general, and how it can work out great for you!

There’s a reason you’re here right now.

Have you noticed these days that when people talk to you, their speech sounds muffled?  

Or perhaps a close friend or family member has remarked about how often you ask them to speak more slowly or clearly.

Maybe your significant other frequently comes into the TV room where you’re enjoying the game or that British cooking show, and ask you to turn it down.

This all points to the same culprit: you can’t hear like you used to.

There are other signs of hearing loss:

  • You find social events exhausting because you have to work so hard to understand what others are saying. 
  • Your ears feel constantly clogged, even if your general practitioner has given you the thumbs-up on your ear canals.
  • You watch people’s lips while they talk instead of looking them in the eye, so that you can get the gist of what they’re saying.

Whether you take a hearing test online or with your doctor, you may already know just from these clues that a real issue exists.

Hearing loss happens 

It could be caused by environmental conditions, such as excessively loud work environments. That job you had working as an airline ground staff, in the construction trade, as a lumberjack or musician or nightclub bartender, etc, could have damaged your hearing.

Hearing loss affects most of us with age. It’s called “presbycusis,” and it comes on gradually as we get older. Most people start to notice it in their mid to late 40s, with more acute hearing loss beginning in our 50s and up. 

Age-related hearing loss

Our body changes as we age; that’s obvious. What’s not so obvious are the changes going on inside our ears. The most common age-related ones happen in the inner ear.

Deep inside your ear are tiny hairs that sense vibrations made by the changes in air pressure.  Those hairs send the air pressure vibrations as nerve impulses to your brain. 

Your brain translates these as sound, and suddenly you hear your grandchild laughing, your drive-through attendant asking if you want fries with that, or your favorite album bringing back memories off that turntable you love.

Many people experience hair loss as they age, and that happens in the ear too. And yes, that’s even if one of the joys of aging is finding more hair growing on our ears. Once damaged or lost, those inner ear hairs never grow back. As they go, we also lose the ability they gave us to hear more clearly.

Other changes include the shape of the ear canal itself, and even the nerves that carry the impulses to the brain. Some health conditions affect hearing too, including high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, a smoking habit, and certain medicines.

Most mature adults who have hearing loss experience it through a combination of environmental and age-related factors.

How do I address my hearing loss?

First step- get tested! The easiest, simplest way is to take our Injoy hearing test online. There’s no cost, no obligation, nobody to sit in front of as they work you over for a sale. And you take the Injoy hearing test online in the comfort of your home, at your convenience.

If you’re a candidate, then get ready to hear better with hearing aids.

We know it’s hard sometimes to face the fact of hearing loss. We get it. Hearing loss sucks. But the process of getting help doesn’t have to. That’s the point of Injoy Hearing’s entire telehealth advantage- saving you time, saving you 50% or more off the cost of hearing aids, turning up the joy and turning down the suck.

What is Telehealth/remote health?

If you haven’t experienced telehealth, also called telemedicine or remote health, here’s an eyebrow-raising reality: you can visit a healthcare professional without going to their office. You can get the care you need, where you are. 

Telehealth allows you to talk to your provider via the phone or through phone/online video chat. You can still take face-to-face, but from place-to-place. This also allows you to send and receive messages from your provider via text, email, and/or secure messaging. It makes contact easy-peasy.

Telehealth even lets your doctor make house calls…literally. Through modern technology they can check devices that monitor your stats, and can make adjustments then and there. 

So how does telehealth relate to helping your hearing loss?

Injoy Hearing: our telehealth method vs traditional methods

After taking our hearing test online, you may have discovered you’re a top candidate for hearing aids. Now it’s time to take care of the problem, so that you can improve your ability to hear your cousin’s latest fishing story, your doctor’s advice about your cholesterol, or the referee completely blow that call at third base (he might need an eye test for crying out loud!).

You have 3 options for buying hearing aids. Two are traditional, old-school ways. The third? We’re betting you’ll love that one.

Traditional method 1: doctor visit

This is what you’re most likely accustomed to:

  • You call the clinic/office and make an appointment. It usually takes a week to two weeks before your initial consultation happens. Sometimes it’s longer.
  • Your consultation takes 1.5 to 2 hours. They’ll want to test you…again.
  • You may not leave the consultation with an answer. Frequently they have to “process” the results.
  • You’ll have to sit through a sales pitch about the practice’s in-house devices.
  • Once your device is ordered, it ships to the office/practice location, not to you.
  • You’ll make a second appointment to go in for your “fitting.” Depending on the chosen hearing device, there’s probably no need for this. (We’ll expand on that later.)

It’s a lengthy ordeal involving at least two physical trips, plus the in-office time. With all your effort, you should still expect to spend $5000 to $7000 for your hearing aids at a provider’s office.

Later, you’ll have to go through the make-an-appointment-and-wait process again to address functionality issues or other hearing aid concerns you may have.

Traditional method 2: do it yourself

There are low-ball resources available for hearing device purchases. You have to be very careful with these sellers. 

First, be aware that less scrupulous retailers call their product a “hearing aid” when it technically isn’t. There are two types of amplification products that shouldn’t be used as a hearing aid.


PSAP stands for “personal sound amplification products.” These boost sound volume, but aren’t designed for hearing loss. People use them in specific environments where they want to pick up minute sounds. Hunters use them so they can listen for animal movement. Birdwatchers also use them to accentuate bird calls.

PSAP devices aren’t tailored to specific hearing issues. They amplify everything, and are neither designed nor suitable for addressing hearing loss. They could actually cause further damage by unnecessarily increasing frequencies harmful to your hearing situation. 


OTC—“over the counter”–devices amplify audio, but usually with limited control that you adjust yourself. OTC products don’t have professional assistance to ensure they’re perfectly suited to your needs. 

Also, people with severe hearing loss shouldn’t use OTC hearing aids. They generally don’t have the proper amplification for the required frequencies.

DIY approaches do offer very low prices, but also very low—or no—help. You’ll end up with limited technology and insufficient support. Remember what your grandparents hammered into you: if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Method 3: the Injoy Telehearing Model

We designed our process off of decades of experience in the brick-and-mortar sector, and in the advancing technology industry. Between the two worlds, we’ve created an approach that’s easy for you to do, saves you 50% (or more!) off the cost of your hearing aids, and gives you 100% guaranteed satisfaction with your Injoy purchase, or we give you all your money back. 

The Injoy steps to better hearing make it easy, fast, and cost-effective!

Take our hearing test online

Let’s make sure you even need hearing aids first. This only requires 10 minutes of your time.

Purchase your hearing aids 

That fast from my online purchase? Yes, that fast. They’ll arrive at your door within 3 days. We’ll call you in the meantime and set up the device consultation appointment with a licensed hearing aid professional. It will be within a day or two of your order’s expected arrival.

Immediate telehealth appointments

Using an app on your phone, we’ll talk face-to-face with you as we walk through putting in the hearing aids, adjusting the fitment, and exploring the settings and functions of your Injoy hearing aids. And we customize the levels/wavelengths for you via our app! We’re with you every step of the way.

Full functionality from the start. 

Brick-and-mortar stores have a tendency to charge you for “turning on” functions that are already built into your device. During the Injoy consult, we’ll talk about what all you want to do with your new, top-tier Injoy hearing aids, and set up the functionality for you according to your needs. You’ll incur no extra charges for the functions you want.

Get more by paying less

The Injoy Telehearing Model allows us to deliver cutting edge hearing aid technology to your door for 50% less than brick-and-mortar stores

Within 3 days you could be hearing better—in some cases much much better— for under 3000 dollars! And you never left the house, never wasted time, and didn’t feel pressured. Telehealth works at Injoy.

Guaranteed satisfaction

We’re confident you’ll love the process, and even better—love the results of your newfound ability to hear what you’ve been missing.

We’re so excited about the value of our Injoy hearing aids, that we’ll give you 100 days to try them out. Seriously. Go visit the relatives. Hit up the game. Listen to your bluetooth TV through your hearing aids! We did mention the cutting edge tech, right? Hear what you’re listening to. 

And sometimes, if somehow the Injoy hearing aids just aren’t your cup of tea, return them within that 100 days for a full refund. And we mean 100% of your money back. No restocking fees or return fees or any that other hidden hoo-haw other companies do. 

If you’re not satisfied with our hearing aid or our service, you get your money back. No risk sounds good, doesn’t it? That’s how much we believe in the Injoy Telehearing Model. 

Why is Injoy’s service so fast?

Because we’ve been in the hearing aid industry for so long, we understand what drives people to make a hearing aid purchase.

Starting with: they really don’t want to buy a hearing aid.

Nobody does. Part of that reluctance can be pride in their self-reliance and feeling of self-sufficiency. Part can be the sometimes-tough admission that “yeah, I’m in that age group.” Part can be the fear of knowing they’ve lost part of such an important, joyful input in your life.

No matter the reason for putting it off, once most people take our online hearing test and possibly discover they are, in fact, suffering from hearing loss, they want to address the problem. Immediately. Like, right now. 

We have learned that clients delay the purchase of hearing aids for 7 to 10 years past the time when they could have started using them. So whatever that final hearing straw was, it sent the camel right to the chiropractor. And that’s when hearing aids became a useful necessity.

Injoy delivers your risk-free opportunity to improve your hearing quickly. And we save you thousands of dollars in the process!

What you can expect from your Injoy hearing aid sherpa

We’re here to help guide you through the process. Want us to be there for your hearing test? Let us know. Want to discuss the hearing aids before ordering? Give us a call, an email, smoke signals—you name it. We can walk you fully through the functionality, and do it face-to-face via the app even before you go through our super-easy online shopping cart.

We hate paperwork, and love service. We’ll make this as simple and enjoyable for you as humanly possible.

Combine that level of service commitment with the most up-to-date technology at half the price of brick and mortar. All of us at Injoy want you to change your thinking from “Why should I choose Injoy” to “Why would I go anywhere else?”

Support for the long run

After your initial activation, our licensed professionals provide additional support for questions, issues, or potential follow-up adjustments. If it’s something we can answer with a quick call, we do it. If it’s an issue that needs a tech appointment, we do that too—usually within a day. 

You won’t have the long waits for an appointment, like you do with in-office locations. The Injoy telehealth advantage saves you time traveling to and from a brick-and-mortar, and allows our staff to address your concerns more quickly. 

Say hello to our little friends

Our state-of-the-art, super-comfortable Injoy hearing aids do amazing things. Here’s just some of what you get:

  • Outstanding sound quality. Better hearing, and better sound quality of what you hear..
  • Unmatched tech. Best in the biz, with all customizable functions available from the start.
  • 2-way Bluetooth technology. Have hands-free phone/bluetooth device conversations right through your Injoy hearing aid.
  • Practically invisible design. They’re not obvious, except for how much better you can hear.
  • Flexible battery choices. Get 30 hours usage from rechargeable batteries, or 7 days from replaceable batteries.
  • Connectivity to any Bluetooth device. Apple IOS or Android. Mac or PC. Doesn’t matter- connect to it if it uses bluetooth. Each o.s. Is OK with us. Connect with your Injoy hearing aids, then talk, listen, enjoy. 

Compare Injoy’s over-the-ear hearing aids to the other hearing aid retailers. We think you’ll discover the value offered with our half-price cost, along with our 100% service commitment, proves to be your best choice for hearing aids.

Who you’re working with

Every member of the Injoy team is a licensed and dedicated professional. Many come from working with some of the largest practices in the world.

Together, we have one goal: helping you find the best hearing aid. For years, patients across the country have regained their quality of life with our advanced hearing technology. We would be honored to have the opportunity to do the same for you.

It all starts with our online hearing test

The Injoy Telehearing Model gives you easy, online advantages for immediate access. So why not take our test? It’s free, there’s no obligation, and it might even show that you don’t need hearing aids right now.

But if you do, this is the time to address the issue. 

Call Injoy Hearing with your questions, talk about your concerns, let us know what we can do to help you. Punch us in at 844-55-INJOY. It’s that simple. Or contact us online. We’ll get back to you quickly, and provide the answers that give you results. 

Now is the time to “Injoy” your life again. Listen. Hear. Live! With Injoy Hearing.