Benefits of Telehealth | The Injoy Telehearing Model

calculator sitting in piggybanks to show money saved with benefits of telehealth

If a pandemic has taught us anything, it has instilled two valuable lessons:

  • We can wash our hands with anything from soap to Smirnoff.
  • The internet connects us to what we need.

From Zoom apps for business meetings and family gatherings, to the delivery of groceries/meals/tires/toilet paper, we use the internet to bring us together and keep us going.

The same goes for healthcare. We as a nation fully realized how useful, easy, and affordable telehealth can be. The benefits of telehealth didn’t elude the team at Injoy Hearing, either. Those benefits became the reasons we created the Injoy Telehearing Model, a way of doing business that does better for you.

Teleaudiology: the ground floor of telehearing

The hearing industry veterans at Injoy recognized the internet’s ability to deliver more than an endless supply of cat videos. If general practitioners could render accurate diagnoses via remote connections, how could audiologists and hearing specialists do the same?

The answer: the Injoy Online Hearing Test.

Our specific, experiential online test is free and available to anyone who wants to see (forgive the mixed metaphor there) if they suffer hearing loss. The results are sent to you immediately, without worry of a sales pitch or commitment to further action. 

Certified audiologists designed the Injoy Online Hearing Test. We also keep audiologists on staff to lead our licensed audiologists, and to engage with patients through our telehearing model. 

Through these teleaudiology appointments, you’ll receive accelerated scheduling and complete ease of access. Meet with your doctor in your kitchen, your living room, at the park or on the bus tour. Our telehearing model works with you and for you.

Effective simplicity

We won’t kid you—we hate paperwork. That’s why discovering better hearing at Injoy begins with simplicity. O​​ur mission centers around providing the best possible patient care, from your ease of access, to cutting-edge hearing tech presented in user-friendly functionality.

Why make life harder when you can just make it better, right? 

The journey to better hearing starts with talking and testing

Another one of the benefits of telehealth is ease of appointments. Get started at Injoy when you schedule a consultation for a 15 minute in-person discussion.Your Injoy professional can help walk you through the Injoy process, talk about your concerns, and if need be—schedule more time for in-depth analysis with our audiologist. Whatever you need, we’ll accommodate to our best abilities.

Or, get right to the hearing test online. It’s also free, and only takes about 10 minutes of your time. We do not want to steal your day, or trap you in a room so we can pummel you with sales-speak and close-the-deal pressure. We want you to get back to enjoying your life to its fullest.

Since our online hearing test was designed by a doctor and not a salesperson, it may come back saying you don’t need hearing aids yet. That would be awesome, because no one actually wants hearing aids. But if you need them, it’s good to know that too.

Purchase your hearing aids

Another benefit of telehealth is the online purchase of needed products. There’s nothing like having your prescription delivered to your doorstep, especially when you don’t feel good.

So when you suffer hearing loss, getting your hearing aids is like starting a new day with plenty of sunshine. 

Using the Injoy shopping page, you can pick your color and model of hearing aid, enter your payment information, and click. This might not sound so unusual, because you’ve probably already ordered goodies from Amazon, collectibles from eBay, or even a car. 

But the thing about Injoy Hearing is that our shipping department must be heavily caffeinated, because your new hearing aids arrive at your doorstep within 2-3 days. You don’t have to wait for them to arrive at a doctor’s office, then wait for your appointment there so you can drive all the way to have them help you. 

2 to 3 days, and your hearing aids are in your hands. That’s what fast sounds like.

Professionally guided set-up

During this transit time we’ll call to set up a consultation with you. That appointment is usually scheduled for a day or two after the hearing aids’ arrival (or whenever’s most convenient for you). One of our licensed hearing aid professionals will meet with you face-to-face via a phone app, and talk you through fitment and assignable functions. 

Plus, they’ll adjust the hearing aid calibrations via the app’s bluetooth access to your hearing aids. Together, you’ll make sure they’re perfect for your hearing needs.

Once the hearing aids are comfortable and at the right levels, the Injoy team member will help you understand the settings you want, how to access the amazings things your new Injoy hearing aids can do, and make sure you’re ready to get on with your day! 

Continued support that’s easy to access

The Injoy Telehearing Model doesn’t stop when you start using the hearing aids. The benefits of telehealth service from Injoy continue with constant access to our business through the website. You can call our toll-free number, or contact us via the website’s function. We will get back to you as soon as physically possible, usually within an hour or two, or in the next business day. 

If you need another appointment for adjustments to the hearing aids, or to walk through the functions more, we’ll absolutely be there! And we’ll be there quickly. You don’t have to make an appointment for 2 to 3 weeks down the road, like at brick and mortar stores. And we won’t charge you for the time. 

We’re the best in the business. Our half-price cost proves it in your budget, and our top-notch service proves it in your smile.

No-risk 100% money back guarantee

We put our money where our internet-mouth is. 

Take the Injoy hearing aids for a test drive. Wear them, use them in different settings, connect up to your bluetooth devices, live your best audio life. Within the first 100 days should you discover that, for whatever reason, you’re unsatisfied with your hearing aids, return them.

We’ll give you your money back. All of your money back. No fees, no fine print, every dime. We’re so confident you’ll 100% love your new Injoy hearing aids and our service, that we’ll refund you 100% if you don’t.

No risk, but so much reward when you can hear more clearly. Why get Injoy hearing aids? The real question is, why not??

Telehearing tech: what you get with Injoy hearing aids

Each of our hearing aid sets comes complete with:

  • 2 top-tier technology hearing aids 
  • 3 full years of remote support
  • Our no-cost app so we can adjust your devices whenever and wherever you are
  • Storage or recharging case (depending on purchase option)
  • Cleaning kit with wax filter
  • Right/Left indicators
  • instruction guide and warranty Card
  • 3-year loss-and-damage protection
  • 3-year warranty

More about the app

When you head away from the house, Injoy goes with you. Not in the Mission Impossible “we’re following you” way, but rather at your fingertips whenever you need us with the Injoy app

For starters, you can open the app from your tablet or cell, and adjust your hearing aids that way.

If some of the functions have faded from memory, don’t worry. Injoy offers 24/7 support via the app. A noon lunch meeting or a midnight concert, it doesn’t matter because help is there for you. 

Using the Injoy app is simple:


Feel better about feeling better through telehealth

Telehealth is here to stay. The benefits of telehealth and its branches such as telehearing include:

  • Less strain on the healthcare system
  • Removes the distance barrier for healthcare visits
  • Helps people with mobility issues, including the elderly
  • Makes healthcare appointments more immediate
  • Gives people more freedom of choice and hours of care
  • Saves patients money!

Using our Injoy Telehearing Model, you can quickly tell if your hearing has been impaired, talk to professionals to ensure whether that is—or isn’t—the case, and then lock down hearing aid solutions instantly. You do not have to wait. 

The only thing you have to do is hear better. When you order Injoy hearing aids, we’ll settle for nothing less.

Who we are

Your Injoy team consists of dedicated, licensed hearing professionals. Many have spent years working with some of the largest practices in the world.

We have one goal: to help you find the best hearing aid for your needs. Patients nationwide have regained their quality of life with Injoy’s hearing aid technology. All we ask is the chance to do the same for you, with the best technology available for half the price of brick and mortar, at zero risk for you. So, how does that sound?

The benefits of telehealth are the benefits of Injoy

Buying Injoy hearing aids online allow you to have

  • $2300 or more back into your pocket

The Injoy Telehearing Model makes you the first priority, online, at home, every day. 

Losing your hearing sucks. Helping it doesn’t have to.

The Injoy team makes buying hearing aids easy. Contact us with your questions, take our online hearing test, and get ready for better hearing every day.

And call 844.55.INJOY for your hearing healthcare before and after your purchase. Listen. Hear. Live! With Injoy Hearing.