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The 30 Day Risk-Free Trial Hearing Aid at Injoy

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Whether you’re new to hearing aids or new to Injoy, our 30 day risk-free trial hearing aid lets you test drive better hearing without taking a chunk out of your wallet. Literally. You don’t pay anything, at all, unless you love our hearing aids and decide to keep them.

We think you will, which is why we’re willing to bet on our product quality and your satisfaction.

Contact us with any questions. Our team of licensed audiologists can explain our real risk-free hearing aid trial, and help you discover better hearing.

Read on to understand how such an outstanding offer actually works.

First, Find Out If You Have Hearing Loss

This might all be a moot point if you aren’t suffering hearing loss. Immediately recognizable signs of hearing loss include: 

  • Inability to fully understand conversations. They’re mumbly, or the words are indistinct.
  • You discover you’re asking “what?” a lot. Often this is pointed out—with frustration—by the people receiving the question.
  • You can’t hear what you want in noisy environments. Quiet places aren’t a problem, but in a crowded place, forget understanding what’s being said or sung. 
  • Volume is cranked to 11 on everything. People complain about how loud your TV or music is, and to you—it’s just loud enough to understand.

Hearing loss can cause frustration in both you and the people around you. It may also contribute to depression and a sense of isolation, because trying to participate in social interactions becomes too frustrating.

Hearing loss has also been associated with cognitive impairment and decline—especially in older adults. Initial research indicates that treating hearing loss can positively affect cognitive and memory performance.

Take Our Free Hearing Quiz

Injoy dedicates each day to being your best resource for hearing improvement. That effort includes providing a free hearing aid test and a simple hearing aid questionnaire so that you can discern whether you’ve got hearing loss.

Our Injoy hearing loss test involves a short quiz, and an actual audio hearing test. You’ll need a pair of headphones/earbuds, and a quiet place to take the test.

The Injoy hearing loss questionnaire involves a series of multiple-choice and true/false questions that help give insight into daily situations where your hearing might be affected. Sorry, no essay questions. We remember high school too.

Either way, you’ll have a much better grasp on your hearing loss.

Of course, always feel confident that checking with your healthcare provider is a choice! This is especially important if you have experienced sudden loss of hearing, particularly in one ear. This symptom could point to some serious health issue possibilities, so don’t wait! The sooner you address sudden hearing loss, the better chance you have at regaining your hearing.

Injoy Hearing Aids for Hearing Loss

Ready for hearing loss help? Injoy gets you back to hearing better, and reconnecting to the sounds of your life you’ve been missing—with no financial risk to you.

Our 30-day risk-free trial hearing aid tiers give you choices to find the perfect level of functionality to suit your lifestyle. Each tier builds upon the previous one, adding abilities and tech to match your lifestyle.

The Workhorse

Our starting tier accomplishes so much already, including benefits that often only show up on the top tier of other company’s hearing aids. The most popular benefit? Two-way bluetooth connectivity! Take phone calls and listen to streaming devices via Mac IOS/Android connectivity, all in stereo. 

The Choice

This is our most popular mid-level tier. At this level, each 30-day risk-free trial hearing aid offers what The Workhorse does and adds wind noise blocking software, adaptive conversation focussing algorithms, and more.

The Security

Get everything Injoy has to offer for hearing aid functionality and benefit, including top-notch resistance to water and sweat. If perspiration plays an important role in your everyday activities, The Security tier of Injoy hearing aids does an amazing job keeping the destructive effects of sweat from ruining your sensitive hearing aid electronics. 

All 3 tiers are backed up by our 3 year hearing aid warranty.  Sounds like peace-of-mind to us!

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Injoy's 30 day hearing aid free trial can help individuals hear in differing listening environments

How Injoy’s Real Risk-Free Trial Works

You’ve got 30 days to run your new Injoy hearing aids through the paces. They’ll arrive in 2 to 3 days after you finish your online ordering. In the meantime, one of our licensed audiologists will contact you to set up an appointment. 

Once your hearing aids are in your hands, we’ll join you via our Injoy smartphone app. One of our licensed audiologists will help you, remotely yet face-to-face, set up your features and make sure you’re ready to head out there with improved hearing.

Time to Get Used to Your Injoy Hearing Aids

You now have several weeks to try out your hearing aids. Use your Bluetooth accessibility to connect with your smartphone and Bluetooth streaming devices. Talk to the grandkids on your phone and understand what they say—as much as you can, anyway. We’re still not totally sure what a Pikachu is. 

Listen to your Bluetooth-enabled TV as loud as you want while others listen at room levels along with you. No more sitting alone or having someone yell to turn it down

Head out of the house! Use your new in a loud environment—your favorite sports bar and grill, a sweet auction, maybe that reunion tour concert you’ve dreamed about. We think you’ll be amazed that you can understand conversations and more again in those social settings.

You didn’t lose your hearing overnight, so you won’t get it back overnight. Take some time to investigate how your new hearing aids help you. You’ve got 30 days to really give them a run for no money. If you’re not completely satisfied, send them back to us.

And that’s it. No harm, no foul, and no strings.

You won’t have to worry about waiting on a refund, because you weren’t charged in the first place. You have zero risk. Plus, we don’t have sneaky service charges such as fitment fees, shipping fees, restocking fees, programming/adjustment fees, etc. 

If you need a little more time, that’s ok too. Just contact us before the end of the trial period. We’ll work with you, because we want you to have better hearing. 

We’ll Check With You Along the Way 

When you allow us to send you a 30 day risk free trial hearing aid package, we won’t ignore you for those 30 days and then do an “aha, gotcha!” at the end like some companies do. No business model should ever depend on profiting because a client forgot a reply date.

During your real risk-free hearing aid trial period, we’ll reach out to you more than once to find out how you’re liking it. Our licensed audiologists will ask you questions. We’ll answer any questions you have. We can even connect through your Injoy phone app and help you adjust settings that don’t sound “just right.”

If you love your Injoy hearing aids and keep them, that kind of service is always available. We’re here for you, and with you. 

Ready for your 30 day Risk free trial hearing aid?

The first step in our process is to take our hearing loss test. Let’s make sure your hearing loss doesn’t need more medical attention than hearing aids. #SafetyFirst

Then, contact us and let’s discuss your hearing concerns, and your hearing goals. After that, check out the line up of Injoy hearing aid tiers just waiting to help you hear what you’ve been missing.

Listen. Hear. Live! Injoy.