Are Hearing Aids Covered By Insurance?

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Seems like a simple question, doesn’t it? “Are hearing aids covered by insurance?” You’d think in this day and age the answer would be super-easy, and in the affirmative.


That actual answer is a complicated, messy “NoYes.” Or maybe “YesNo.”

At Injoy Hearing Aids, our Injoy team of licensed audiologists has extensive experience in both the brick-and-mortar side of hearing aids, and now in our most excellent telehearing/telehealth model. Please read on to learn why hearing aids aren’t generally covered by health/medical insurance—and where there might be some potential help for your hearing investment!

Insurance and Hearing Aids

Are hearing aids covered by health insurance? Generally speaking, health/medical insurance doesn’t cover hearing aids. Yet.

It’s a bit of a paradox that only your insurance bean counters could truly explain—but won’t. For most insurance companies, they say that they don’t cover hearing aids because they claim the hearing aids are “elective.” That means they think hearing aids aren’t essential.

Yes friend, we know. We too wonder how many of these decision-makers suffer hearing loss? Maybe if they couldn’t understand what’s being said during one of their board meetings, they might find hearing aids to be more essential. A LOT more essential.

We also find it strange that a number of insurance companies will cover hearing exams, but not the devices that help treat the issues discovered during that exam.

Hearing loss sucks. And so does big insurance’s general denial of benefits for hearing aids.

States Waking Up to the Need

Before we just sign off on insurance’s help, there are changes happening.

Slowly, yes—but they are happening. According to ASHA, the American Speech Language Hearing Association, some states have issued requirements for insurance companies to cover hearing aids. Mostly that involves hearing aids for children. However, a few states have extended that requirement to both adults and children.

The requirements vary state by state, as they aren’t federally mandated.

And contact us at Injoy. We’ll be happy to help however we can.

What about Medicare?

Again, this changes state by state. In general, Medicare doesn’t cover hearing aids, ASHA also says that state Medicaid plans cover hearing aids for children.

See what we mean? It’s complicated, with several no-but-yes answers.

Possible Insurance Help: Optional Plans

You can check with your insurance provider about optional plans that could help.

Also, you could contribute to an FSA (Flexible Spending Account). This medical account takes pre-tax money from your paycheck, and holds it for you to spend on out-of-pocket medical needs. Though an FSA gives you no extra money for the expenses, it doesn’t take out state and federal taxes—which add up to a sizable portion of your money you retain for medical purposes.


First: Call Us to Understand the Process

Whether through your HR department, or direct to the insurance company via their toll-free numbers, discuss your coverage as soon as you can. And take notes!

We recommend some questions to ask as you discuss what the insurance does and doesn’t cover:

  1. What is our benefit for hearing aids?
  2. If there is, who are the providers in my area? (Have them send a list to you!)
  3. How is my allowance/benefit paid—by provider claim, or do I have to seek reimbursement?
  4. Does the benefit cover the exam as part of my regular medical benefits, or does it affect my amount limit for my hearing aids?
  5. What are my choices for hearing aid models? Be sure they fully explain any conditional words/phrases, like “basic,” “base,” “regular,” or “plain.” You’ll want to know the hearing aid functionality these words describe.
  6. What are the stipulations (hurdles) to having this benefit kick in? For example, your provider may require a percentage of hearing loss.

Second: Health Benefit Programs

Talk to your provider and/or your HR person, and find out if you can participate in the Blue Cross Blue Shield Federal Employee Health Benefit Program. This program often covers up to $2,500 in assistance for hearing aids.

Also, you might have benefits—it not coverage—available from your insurance provider that could provide:

  • A specified amount might be available toward purchase.
  • Benefit if a specific provider is used
  • Discounts (but not payment) negotiated with specific providers

Third: Your Group/Club/Organization Affiliations

Do you belong to a group, club, or organization that provides extra possible benefits?

For example, the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) provides a hearing aid benefit (price reduction) for its members.

Are you a veteran? If so, thank you for your service. Now, what may surprise you is that the Veterans Administration is the biggest buyer and provider of hearing aids in the U.S. Through VA health benefits and VA disability compensation programs, you may have assistance!

So check with your affiliations, and see what benefits they extend for your hearing.

Fourth: Was the Cause of the Hearing Loss Compensable?

If you worked in a loud, hearing-damaging environment—you may be due worker’s compensation for the loss. It’s worth investigating. Your hearing exam could uncover the issues, and give you grounds for the claim.

How Injoy Helps You Afford Hearing Aids

We already provide prescription hearing aids to adults for 1/2 the price of brick and mortar stores. If that’s not a siren’s call to insurance companies, we don’t know what else they could want to help their clients!

However, if you’ve done all you can (and we’ve helped you all we can) and there’s still no insurance/benefits/etc, don’t fear.

Seriously. Don’t. Because how does having hearing aids for as low as $78 a month sound (pardon the pun)?

After all that work you put in, it’s time you heard a “heck yes!” Injoy is here to help you hear, with special financing for qualified buyers. We know we kind of buried the lead, but understanding how insurance works only makes our abilities and offers all the more amazing, and all the better for not wasting your time.

Injoy accepts all major credit cards.

Looking to rack up some frequent flier miles? Use your credit card to purchase your Injoy Hearing Aids if that’s easier, and if it benefits your situation.

Injoy has financing available.

We use a payment company called Bread Pay®, which offers eligible Injoy customers payment plans that meet their lifestyles and financial needs.

For example, through Bread Pay, you can pay off your order in 12 months for as low as 0% APR*. That’s nice! Or if you need longer, you could do 24 or 36 months at competitive rates.

Oh, and the fine print? Here’s ours, upfront: participation in Bread Pay is subject to approval of your credit application, which you fill out online.

Currently, rates range from 0% to 29.99% APR, resulting in, for example, 18 monthly payments of $60.05 at 9.99% APR, per $1,000 borrowed. The APRsl vary depending on your credit qualifications, the loan amount, and the term you choose.

Bread PayTM plans are loans made by Comenity Capital Bank.

About those $78 Dollar a Month Hearing Aids…

We didn’t forget, because the deal is unforgettable! With Injoy, you can get prescription hearing aids delivered to your door for just $78 a month for qualified buyers. This special offer is for our “Workhorse” model.

We know what you’re thinking: it’s bottom of the line, loss-leader off-brand hearing aids.

Oh, do think again.

All our models of hearing aids start with the Workhorse tier of features and services, and build from there. We’re talking features in our most cost-effective model that some hearing aid companies only include in their higher-dollar versions. And services they charge extra for.

Injoy’s “Workhorse” Tier Features

$78 a month at Injoy gets you this type service and performance:

  • 3-Year Warranty. You’re covered, period.
  • 3-Year Professional Service. You’ve got assistance when you need it.
  • 3 Years Loss & Damage. You don’t have to worry about an oops.
  • 2-Way Bluetooth. Take Iphone / Android calls right in your hearing aids!
  • Stereo Audio. Listen to bluetooth-compatible devices in delicious stereo.
  • Whistle Block. No feedback whistles, ever. Make’m as loud as you need.
  • Easy Control Phone App. Change settings for your environment easily, over your smartphone.
  • Hearing in Noise 4.0. Advanced digital technology to focus on conversations even in noisy environments.
  • Rechargeable. Don’t buy batteries, don’t change them, just charge your hearing aids and go!

At the risk of sounding like a skipping record: all of that, for just $78 a month for the pair! 

100% Real Risk-Free Guarantee

We’re so confident you’ll love our hearing aids, we offer a real risk-free guarantee.

Order the hearing aids. They’ll arrive in 2 to 3 days, because you’ve already waited long enough to enjoy better hearing. One of our licensed audiologists will help you with settings, walk you through the awesome features, and get you rocking and rolling with your new access to the sounds of your life.

For 30 days, try them out. Go to that busy restaurant and have a conversation again. Listen to your favorite music or podcast. Enjoy TV without anyone telling you to turn it down. Or talk about the latest unicorn sighting with your grandkids on your lap, without missing a word.

Do the things you love to do. And hear them better.

If you’re not completely satisfied with your Injoy hearing aids, return them within 30 days, and that’s it. You haven’t paid a dime, because we haven’t charged you. Other companies charge your credit card, then make you wait days—or weeks—to get your money back.

Not Injoy. We wait until we know you want to keep them. And if for whatever reason you don’t, send them back within that month, and we’re all good. We trust you.

Are hearing aids covered by insurance? You could answer “who cares!”

At Injoy, our team of licensed audiologists has one goal: to help you get better hearing.

That’s why we created the telehearing/telehealth model of prescription hearing aid delivery. It makes it easy for you to discover if you have hearing loss, and to purchase the tier of hearing aids that are 100% Goldilocks for your situation.

Our desire to improve hearing across America is also the reason we have a doctor of audiology on staff who can help you with any questions you may have.

We even have two hearing quizzes you can take, one requiring headphones for testing, the other a simple questionnaire, either of which can help you determine on your own time, wherever you are, day or night, if you might have hearing loss.

Let’s talk about your hearing.

This is a lot of information, and it can feel overwhelming.

Contact us online, or give us a call. Let’s walk through where you’re at and what we can do to help. We offer superior service because we know no one wants to buy hearing aids. So when you need to, we’re there with options, with professional help, and with the passion for not only helping people, but making sure you’re fully satisfied.

Listen. Hear. Live! Injoy.


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